View Full Version : M.A.C. Mobile action command

Aug 11, '07, 3:41 PM
I really loved these early 1970's action figures made by Matchbox. Not many seem to remember them. This site is quite old but it's practically the only one online dedicated to them


Aug 11, '07, 4:58 PM
yup wasn't it Brian who was talking about these the other day? cool figures :grin:

Aug 11, '07, 10:46 PM
i forgot about those they were cool. loved them as a kid. mike

Sweep Secondhand
Aug 13, '07, 6:55 AM
I loved these guys too but I don't remember them being around more than a couple of years. I know there was a body style change about half way through that enlarged the figures slightly and they did not fit in the vehicles as well after that. I prefered the original skinny figures to the muscular ones. I had that awesome mountain as a kid and played with it for hours!