View Full Version : The Ultimate Man of Action!

Sep 28, '09, 11:05 AM
....without a head.


I don't usually post half done figures, but this guy's head is gonna take a while.

Don C.

Sep 28, '09, 11:17 AM
Wow that looks tight!

Sep 28, '09, 11:22 AM
man, that torso is crazy cool!!

Sep 28, '09, 12:04 PM
WOW! You're doing Pulsar??? That's amazing! How did you do that? And I don't suppose it'll have push-button action, will it?

Sep 28, '09, 12:27 PM
Brilliant idea. Did his head have a visible brain, too?

Sep 28, '09, 11:13 PM
>How did you do that?

It's a double cast mold. I cast the torso, Dremel'd it out for the riggings, and filed off the front. Carved up the organs, and ran it through the mold again in clear plastic.

>I don't suppose it'll have push-button action, will it?

Unfortunately, no.

>Did his head have a visible brain, too?

It WILL.... but I'm having problems with the hinge.

Don C.

Brown Bear
Sep 29, '09, 8:15 AM
Holy Cow!!! That is awesome!! I have often thougth of doing Pulsar and Hypnos but couldn't figure out how.

I think the perfect head would be a shrunken Big Jeff (from Big Jim).

Can't wait to see more!!

Sep 29, '09, 9:32 AM
Wow. That is really impressive.

Sep 29, '09, 9:56 AM
Very Cool!Good luck with the head!

Brown Bear
Sep 29, '09, 1:02 PM
are we going to see Hypnos as well?

did i mention i can't wait to see how this turns out?

Gorn Captain
Sep 29, '09, 2:00 PM
Those organs look really convincing....

Sep 29, '09, 4:20 PM
Cool stuff ctc! Great idea.

Sep 29, '09, 5:38 PM
So cool... I love Pulsar & Hypnos. Very inventive!

Sep 30, '09, 3:38 AM
Damn, that looks awesome

Sep 30, '09, 11:13 AM
>I think the perfect head would be a shrunken Big Jeff (from Big Jim).

Hmmmm.... y'know; he would be good. I used a recast Thor head, built up the jaw and brow a bit. Worked really well.

>are we going to see Hypnos as well?

Someday. It's tough to find good pics, or a cheap one online. I have a book.... it gets bigger all the time.... of stuff I want to make. Sometimes I add pages of notes, diagrams, etc.... One chapter involves other action figure lines I'd like in 8" scale. Pulsar and Hypnos are on it.

>Those organs look really convincing

I had a weird problem with them. The clear resin I got is pretty harsh stuff. It'll eat through most paint. So I had to varnish the guts after painting them. And the varnish reacted with the plastic. So there's some frosting of the clear parts. Not too bad; but it's there. (And if you look REALLY hard on the real one you cans ee where it started eating through the paint.)

I've been looking for a good clear resin 'cos I got a few invisible characters I want to make.

Don C.

Brown Bear
Sep 30, '09, 2:50 PM
I think there is a market for selling transparent torso's in mego scale.

P.S. if you want som cool hypnos pics, i own one.

Sep 30, '09, 11:11 PM
>if you want som cool hypnos pics, i own one.

Really? That'd be cool! Especially a closeup of his face, guts; and the back of his torso and head. (Nobody EVER takes pics of the back of anybody's head....)

DoN C.

Brown Bear
Oct 1, '09, 8:16 AM
just pm me your home addy and i'll email them when i get a chance

Oct 1, '09, 5:45 PM
One thing's for sure, that guy has guts.

Oct 1, '09, 11:11 PM
Thats so Amazing :beaming1:

Brown Bear
Oct 13, '09, 7:14 PM
we need an update pic on that Pulsar head....can't wait

Oct 13, '09, 7:34 PM
Interesting, I like it.

Oct 13, '09, 9:55 PM
wow, very awesome! that chest is dead on!!

Oct 14, '09, 5:17 AM
>we need an update pic on that Pulsar head

Still trying to sort out the hinge assembly.

Don C.

Oct 24, '09, 1:34 AM
That is very , very cool stuff Don. :grin:

Brown Bear
Nov 14, '10, 12:06 AM
Dude.....update us. This is cool.

Nov 14, '10, 4:59 AM
>Dude.....update us.

I haven't had too much time the last 6 months or so.... but he's still in the works. I got the halves of his head ready to go, but I still haven't sorted out the hinge yet. It's tricky 'cos I don't want to remove too mucb of the top of his hair to get his skull to open, and I want something durable enough to be played with.

Don C.