View Full Version : New Site format/Web store down Temporarily

David Lee
Jul 24, '09, 10:58 PM
I am switching the site to a new Blog Style front page (http://castawaytoys.blogspot.com/), and the DNS updates take awhile so the webstore will be down for a bit... LMK what you think about the new format... Updates will be much easier to post and hopefully info will flow much better this way and not rely on the forum here as much...


Jul 24, '09, 11:38 PM
I think its a good idea. I do the same thing for my little store. I think its nice because it give people a reason to check in every now and then. They can connect with you more and get a behind the scene view of what your doing. Of course you have to update it fairly often. :juggleyes_y:

Jul 25, '09, 4:26 AM
That's great Jason. If you haven't already sent my order, I would like to add a Phantom...Please let me know...thanks!

David Lee
Jul 25, '09, 6:07 PM
Back up... working properly with new blog style frontpage...

Jul 25, '09, 8:12 PM
That didn't take long..

Really slick set up too! :yes: