View Full Version : Quickest Castaway Shipment EVER!

The Toyroom
Jul 17, '09, 1:30 PM
....for me that is....ordered July 5th and received it today! Everything was correct also. Nice to see things getting situated and the guys stepping up their game. Kudos!

Jul 17, '09, 1:38 PM
awesome, that's the way it should be. :grin:

Jul 17, '09, 1:54 PM
They really have been excellent. I have never had a problem , I actually had 2 orders in. I ordered my first June 25, and it arrived yesterday. I ordered another on July 6th , and I am sure that will arrived very soon. I plan on ordering a few more items very soon too !

Jul 19, '09, 8:51 AM
They really are getting it together for new orders, even international ones.
My order was made 24th June and I received it July 3rd.


Jul 19, '09, 3:52 PM
Wow.. that is fast to the UK!

Jul 20, '09, 9:15 AM
Just got a shipping notice (email) from Castaway from my order of 7/11). Thanks, guys!! Appreciate the speedy service, guys!!! Thanks again!

Jul 22, '09, 9:47 PM
I haven't been as lucky as some I guess. I ordered the Castaway Membership back on June 12, I believe it was and have not received anything yet. I actually have emailed the guys at Castaway Toys like 4 times now. I got a repsonse back after my third email asking me if I had received the membership kit. I replied to that email informing them that I hadn't recived anything and have not received a response back. I was hoping they would at least email me the code for the merchandise credit. I really wanted to get the Phantom figures. This experience has been a little disheartening to say the least.