View Full Version : JLU Shayera-Ray-Green Lantern 3-Pack

Aug 1, '07, 1:36 PM
So here's the thing. I have an extra 4 of these 3-packs that I picked up at ComicCon for members here on the mego board. I want to be fair on how to disburse them to people who want them. So this is what I have come up with. I am not looking to make any money on these but I don't want the shipping to come out of my pocket so:

Cost: $10.00 + $4.00 priority shipping = $14.00

Limit: 1 per board member. If you already have this 3-pack PLEASE let someone else have a chance to get one!

Payment: Paypal only!

Terms: In order to be fair I have decided that the first 4 people who PM me AFTER 6:00 pm Pacific Time on Friday, August 3 will be the ones who can purchase these. I was going to do this based on Talent and Swimwear but I was afraid ABMAC might put on a speedo! :terror:


It's truly not my intent to turn this into a game (and hopefully I don't sound like a scalper) but I know that many of you really want this pack. I hope this sounds like a reasonable solution. Please post any questions/comments about these packs here.

Aug 1, '07, 2:08 PM
Very nice of you to do this.

Earth 2 Chris
Aug 1, '07, 2:28 PM
Very nice indeed!

I have to say I also appreciate Mattel not gouging the fans for this one. They could have slapped the usual $20 con-exclusive price tag on this, and they didn't.


Aug 1, '07, 4:23 PM
Yes, I probably should have mentioned that the cost was $10.00. They were limiting them to 3 per person. Luckily I had a couple of friends with me to pick up a few extras.

Just to make this a little more fun, one lucky person out of the 4 who buys from me will receive a free poster of the JLU Collection. I'm going to randomly put it in a box so even I don't know who will get it.

Aug 1, '07, 9:37 PM
Cool. I hope I'm one of the 4.

Aug 3, '07, 8:24 PM
The First 2 are now spoken for! 2 LEFT! :yes:

Aug 5, '07, 10:23 AM
As of Sunday 8/5 there is still 1 left.

The Toyroom
Aug 5, '07, 10:46 AM
PM sent!

Aug 5, '07, 11:44 AM
All 4 are now spoken for. My thanks goes out to:

Earth 2 Chris
The Toyroom