View Full Version : Catalog Update: More WGSH

The Toyroom
Jun 28, '09, 8:09 AM
Playsets and cross-over movie/TV lines:


Jun 28, '09, 8:40 AM
Oh, that looks phenomenal, Anthony. Really great layout!

They all have the same item number though?

The Toyroom
Jun 28, '09, 8:44 AM
Arrrghhh! Good catch Scott! I still have to proof-read all of this stuff and check all of the copyrights and such :smiley1:
Those are the Superman:The Movie #s that accidentally got picked up for the playsets.

Jun 28, '09, 9:28 AM
Thats a Fantastic looking Spread. Great job :beaming1:

Mego Milk
Jun 28, '09, 9:38 PM
Holy Batcave Wayne Manor Batman!

Jun 28, '09, 10:10 PM
very nice. I love the TV corner.
Forget "If we knew then....."
How about " If MEGO knew then what we know now." ;)

Jun 30, '09, 1:40 AM
I think every parent who had kids in 78 is glad this catalog wasn't around back then :wink_y:
Simply amazing, Anthony, no kid could resist this

Jun 30, '09, 1:47 PM
Yeah, I would have snapped up those Superman Movie figures and the Fortress of Solitude Playset in a heartbeat (hmmm... I could still definitely use that Fortress set!!)

Nice work!

Jun 30, '09, 10:38 PM
SWEET layout! Nice work Anthony! You never fail to amaze. :smile:

Jul 1, '09, 7:33 AM
Wow! And I had finally accepted the demise of Mego... until now!

Jul 1, '09, 6:12 PM
Aw yeah, Reb Brown action figure! I'd have to buy two - one for Cap, and one for my Dave Ryder (AKA Blast Thickneck, Buff Drinklots, Butch Deadlift, Roll Fizzlebeef, Dirk Hardpec, Flint Ironstag, etc., etc.) figure from "Space Mutiny" (greatest MST3K episode EVER!!!)!

Dave Mc
Jul 1, '09, 8:20 PM
Man, I'm lovin' this stuff. Amazing work putting it all together!

Jul 1, '09, 11:31 PM
Looks real good!

Jul 2, '09, 11:25 AM
For a second, I was eight, remarkable stuff Anthony.

Jul 3, '09, 12:31 AM
Super Sweet!!!!!:cool_y:

The Sentry
Jul 3, '09, 2:33 PM
OH MAN! :terror: I'm so stoked! IT LOOKS GREAT! Always wonderful work Anthony!

Jul 4, '09, 2:37 PM
It just keeps getting better and better ! Great Job !

Jul 4, '09, 5:00 PM
Beautiful but I'm not digging that Captain America. Did he team up with Evil Kenivel??

Jul 4, '09, 10:01 PM
You mean you missed that classic TV movie.... LOL :wink_y: :smiley1:

Jul 8, '09, 11:14 PM
Boy, I wish '78 was really like this!

Jul 10, '09, 5:01 AM
Gorgeous Anthony.

AJ Collector
Jul 10, '09, 8:14 PM
Fantastic Work.....

Jul 13, '09, 12:01 PM
Those figures and layouts are awesome. I would have begged my parents for every set.

Jul 14, '09, 9:24 PM
LOL! This is an ingenious idea Anthony! Superb!

Jul 27, '09, 6:44 AM
Great work! Looks amazing!

Jul 27, '09, 11:10 AM
Wow. That is just awesome. Nice job.