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Jun 10, '09, 8:17 AM
This Is My Third Mm . It Was A Good Time . I Met Some Old Members Who Ive Seen Before Derek Combs, Len, Dave Mc , Brian , Brian Lietner ,art, Chuck, Berto, Tom L ,scotta, Charlie, Paul Claire, Doc Mego, John Mic , Ron, Chris And Some New Members For Me Lonnie Fisher , Jamers D, Zoro And His Parents Ron And I Cant Recall Hiws Mothers Name, Vinatge Mike ,sentry And David Lee And Jason And For The First Time I Chatted Wioth Acro Ray And His Wife Collete And Thier Little Girl. Many More I Am Forgetting. It Was By Far My Best Mm. I Enjoyed Chatting With Memebrs And Seemed More Laid Back . I Picked Up A Castaway Indy Figure And Body ,some Doc Megos Bodies Won A Couple Of Teh Custom Auctions And Some Raffle Items Made A Kitbash Batgirl And Picked Up A Dorothy And Some Pieces. Nothing Earth Shattering But I Am Very Happy With What I Picked Up. Gave A Few Members Some Great Deals And Got A Few Great Deals. To Me Its More About Hanging Out With Some Members Then What I Can Get For Something Or Pay For Something. After The Meet On Sunday I Was Lucky To Hook Up With A Member Who Didnt Attend The Meet. That Was The Coolest Part For Me. So Teh Meet Was Really A Three Day Event. I Hope To Attend Next Year As This Year Flew By And Was A Blast. I Hope I Made Somebodys Day A Little Better With Some Of The Stuff They Got To Finish Some Figures Or Make Customs. Mike

Jun 10, '09, 9:37 AM
Mike - it was great to see you again my brother. You did seem more laid back this year....you spent more time milling around and visiting than you did at your table.

Glad you had a safe trip and I'll see you next year!

Jun 10, '09, 9:37 AM
Always a pleasure seeing ya Mike. Thanks for the awesome keychain too.

Jun 13, '09, 10:33 AM
You are awesome man! Cool stuff. Nice to meet you.

Jun 13, '09, 2:13 PM
It was good to see you Mike, and everyone. It made my week. I had a bad turn of events just prior and it was just the type of thing I needed.

wayne foundation 07
Jun 13, '09, 7:47 PM
Hey there,picked up 3 figures from you and a couple odds and ends too,thanks for the keychain.

Jun 13, '09, 9:26 PM
too me thats what megomeet is about getting stuff to teh people who need them. glad i could help. mike

Jun 14, '09, 8:58 AM
I still love my keychain...thanks again Mike!