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Electric Rose
Jun 9, '09, 6:53 PM
Hello Megonian Citizens!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had a KILLER!! AWESOME!! TIME!!
I never thought I would have such a blast getting lost in a small pocket of the universe, be myself, while completely emerging myself in the Mego Geek world with all of its quirky geekisims. WOW! what a ride!

Everyone made me feel welcome and I got to meet and know many unique and interesting people. All the guys were friendly, respectful and funny. I hit it off with many right away but unfortunately I just was not able to make it all around but hope to do so next time. I was made to feel so comfortable that it was like I was just hanging around having a good time with my brothers (I have five). The toy museum was truly a treat! I shall indeed return!

I may have mentioned to some of you that I leave to Mexico tomorrow on a mission to uncover the secret origins of my secret super powers (thanks for all the great advice) I will return after the 17th at which time, I hope to have learned the nature and purpose of my powers. I may indeed have to be a force to be reckoned with :wink_y:


Jun 9, '09, 7:03 PM
We'll be thinking about you and your family

David Lee
Jun 9, '09, 7:16 PM
Awe Yea secret origins!

Have fun and be safe Spanish Rose.


EMCE Hammer
Jun 9, '09, 7:17 PM
Peace out Rose.

Jun 9, '09, 11:37 PM
it was a pleasure to meet you rosario-rosanadana....

Jun 10, '09, 12:11 AM
Hey it was great hanging with you Sis! Welcome to the family.

Jun 10, '09, 2:39 PM
Hi Rose. Welcome to the Museum. Glad to hear that you a Great time at The Meet :beaming1:

Jun 10, '09, 4:14 PM
Rose Glad You Were Able To Make The Meet. And Welcome Aboard The Museum. Mike

Jun 10, '09, 10:11 PM
Hi Rose. Are you going to ###town? HAHA

Electric Rose
Jun 21, '09, 1:11 PM
Back from Mexico. Discovered that I truly am a force to reckon with....it's so awesome having secret super powers!! :wink:

up up and away!