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Jun 9, '09, 4:53 PM
Hey Yunz all.
anudder MM come and gone!!! Whew!!!
Well heres just a smidge of images to whet the appetite.
First the Great Roberto and his cases of MEGO Joy.

I found much goodies here and an item I consider My HOLY GRAIL!!!

Oh if only I had the funds with me. I am a HUGE Anime/ Battle of the Planets fan!!!

Next I met the incredible Brian Lietner (Forgive any misspells everyone) His suits ROCK and helped me get Capt A. and my Wolverine out of the work drawer and into the display case. As always Doc MEGO made it possible to put together a cool Bat girl. Most of these were just bodies and heads.


Roberto and Dave MC brought much wanted goodies to my collection...

Dave MC must have emptied the AJ vault. I could never say NO to buying another AJ.

I also bought another Khan so I could un-box and let Capt Kirk whop his butt!!!

Dave Lee came up with a COOL event for the Meet. An on site custom contest with great and generous prizes!!! Bravo Dave!!!
This is what I came up with on the fly. But it was frail compared to Chris and Jims. Watching Jim work is like peeking in on a surgeon!!!

Other stuff I scored was Loose women from Paul. (Dont ask.) Suits from Brian L. (Get some!!!) Lots from Doc Mego. LJN's from??? (Sorry I forgot... Dang whiskey!) I got the show exclusives. Khromedome, Evil Knievel and a Phantom. I didnt have fundage for Dave Lee's other exclusive but Man ya should have seen it!!! And FINALLY I got my Tiny Titans books. AW YEAH!!! Art RULES!!!
The customs alone are worth the coming to see!!! I feel inspired to try my best on my customs.

Jun 9, '09, 5:29 PM
Great pictures. Thanks for posting them. Congrats on all the Goodies you scored :beaming1:

Jun 9, '09, 6:38 PM
That is a fantastic action pose of Berto!