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Jun 8, '09, 11:55 PM
Well, this may seem a bit regurgetated but that in itself is a testament to this event.
This is my second MM and I can only say that it's a weekend of greatness.
From the Thursday night trip to Hoss' to the final addios' on Sunday morning it's a bunch of guys getting together with a common interest and just having a good time. Are there good deals, yes . . was there coming news from the Re-mego bunch? yes . . was Chad's Ironman suit incredible? yes but it's the conversations about this that and the other that make this weekend so cool.
You'll do your self a huge favor by marking your calendar and making the effort to attend next year! You'll be made to feel like one of the gang immediately.

Now from a more personal take . . .
Derek (megospidey) Great figures that are only outclassed by the man himself
Bryan (boss) & boss lady - two of the nicest people you'll ever meet and his KISS figures are way cool!
Tom (wannabemego) - one of the most selfless people I have ever met
Chuck (megocrazy) - A man's man and all around cool guy. it was great catching up with you
Chris DVM - what great collection of Goalgetter stuff, a pretty decent guy to boot
Scott A - he and his giants are always fun to chat with . . .
Paul (hulk) - always good talking with mr cool himself, and a great host too
Rob (berto) - knows a great custom figure even when the customizer isn't so sure . . . thanks for your support sir!
Dan (silver or gold) - thanks for the trinkets and the modelers magazines
Paul (doc mego) - great stuff as always and it was my honor to kneel before zod
Steve (azrak) - great job on the Klingons and better job on Dave's figure and card a great gesture from a solid dude!
Brian (bliet) - his outfits are simply amazing - Your Kromedome suit rocked
Scott (random axe) - super job on your own creations, I expect the same from the book!
Dave lee - every we time we talk it's an honor, thanks for your words about my faith, don't sell your self short.
Jason - the Diorama king! sweet Indy pedestal and idol!!
Dave mc - thanks for your efforts to keep this train rolling
Art and the lovely wife - what a 2 some! Glad you guys got to relax a little!
Everyone else - my only regret in working on my Dr. Doom is that I didn't get a chance to visit with some of the Saturday people . . . . if I forgot ya here it's to no offense

I plan on posting some pics in the next day or so

Random Axe
Jun 9, '09, 12:12 AM
It was very cool talking to you Jim. Your Evel Kenevel figure is beyond awesome and will have a great spot on my shelf next to the Sherriff. I hope things change and you do get to go next year.


Jun 9, '09, 10:11 AM
What? MegoJim not making Mego Meet 2010? If I have to personally drive to Texas to get you, I will.

Good to see you again Jim - great to "see" Mego Meet through your eyes with this post.

Jun 9, '09, 12:06 PM
Jim, the pleasure was all on our end. Thanks for making the "new guy" feel welcome.

Jun 9, '09, 2:58 PM
Hey Jim.
Always great to see you again. The Dr. Doom may have socialy side lined you but it was intense to see you in customizing action mode. Intense!!! Its also cool to know that others utilize model making skills in Mego customizing.
If you ever again need some doodad or whatever to finish up a project. Dont hesitate to PM. If I have it. Its yours.

Jun 9, '09, 3:03 PM
Always a pleasure to see ya. That Doom looked awesome. Truly a custom created under pressure. Looking forward to next year.

Jun 10, '09, 8:57 AM
I forgot to mention one thing . . . . my trip ended on a sour note . . . . my suitcase (which held all my toys) and btw that's another great thing about this event I had a bigger bag for my toys than I did my clothes.

Anyway, it, and 20 other bags, got bumped from the flight due to a full flight and weight restrictions. However, noone in Pittsburgh mentioned this to the ground crew in DFW so we waited around for about an hour before they finally figured it out. My bag arrived home about 9:30 that night.

fun - fun - fun !!

Jun 10, '09, 9:01 AM
Whew, as long as it made it home ok. Good to see you again as well Jim. Loved the Doom as well.