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Jun 8, '09, 10:57 PM
I know the expression "aw yeah!" belongs to Art, but you'll understand why I used it when you get to the end of these ramblings..

Just a few of my megomeet observations and impressions (this is actually longer than I wanted it to be..but I couldn't stop typing. I am a preacher after all - call it my 'Megosermon'):

* Had a blast meeting and talking to everyone in general. It is amazing just how many conversations you will have with different people over the weekend.

* My table mate - Bryan (Boss) - was just so cool. Bryan, your stuff is amazing. Flat out amazing. Thanks for setting up next to me and making my figures look better. You are a classy dude - and I like you even better knowing you are a St. Louis Cardinals fan!

* Spent a lot of free time with Scott (Random Axe) - enjoyed our conversations Scott. Your up-coming stories/anthology are going to rock! I can't wait to finish what I started with "Green Cougar and the Terrible Trio". Your customs now mean so much more to me after reading the synopsis on the characters...can't wait to see this develop.

* Steve (Azrak) always has something going on at his table - and he is wealth of knowledge when it comes to Megos and customs. A pretty cool dude to boot...thanks for all the custom goodies you've sent me this past year.

* I would have loved to have been friends with Jason and David (Castaway toys) when I was a kid. David would have been the life of the party - the crafty one who was always imagining ways to get us into trouble :wink: Jason, you and I wouldn't have stood a chance! Jason - I love what you are working on in the werewolf department...

* Always a blast to visit with John Farley and see all of his customs up close and personal - especially the ones I don't already have. To date, I own 8 Type3Toys customs :googly::smiley1: I seriously have got to stop throwing money your way. Greg - it was great to meet you! You've got to post more on the boards...enjoyed lunch with you and Scott.

* ScottA - thanks for the trade my man. I never thought I would get that Charlee Flatt Peter Parker - thanks for making that possible. I really appreciate you doing that.

* MegoJim - you are the brother I never had man...oh wait, you are my brother :wink: I always look forward to visiting with you and "catching up." Keep the faith!

* Brue - you killed me with all the wheeling and dealing you were doing. Where else can you get a $2 Emerald City but from Brue at Mego Meet! Did you finally sell it?

* James (Garagesale) - always love visiting with you man - that Mugatu suit rocked!

* Charlie - all I can say to you is: GO SOX! Seriously, your Mego eye candy made my liver quiver. Such great stuff -

* Same goes for you Berto and Ron - I couldn't stop gazing at your stuff. Berto, your Mary Jane will making her way to your house soon..I promise! Thanks for the order.

* Also enjoyed visiting with batmanmc (Mike), Hulk (Paul), Doc Mego, Dave Mc, MegoCrazy, VintageMike, and Ed Nagy and his daughter. Wish I could have spent more time visiting with Palitoy, Brian Leitner, Zoloworld (thanks for the spideys), Chris DVM, John Michal (sp...and I'll catch up with you on Facebook), Bill (wee67), Tom L (you were so busy taking photos), Len (hobub)...as well as several others that escape my mind at the moment...there's just not enough time.

* And I apologize for not making to the Megosuite this year. 14 hours one way (do I win a prize for driving the farthest distance? or did someone drive farther?) will knock you out. I went back to my room each night after dinner and just fell asleep. And when I go to sleep, there's no reviving me.

* Big thanks to everyone who bought a custom. And to Lonnie Fisher for cleaning me out on the vintage stuff I brought - great to meet you Lonnie!

Now for the title - I did not have a caricature made last year by Art...but I wasn't going to miss out this year. Art - you are so gracious to do this for everyone - and it was definitely the most "prized" piece I came home with. It is already hanging on the wall!


Jun 8, '09, 11:03 PM
Sweet! Yes sir brothers indeed! You're the best Derek!
Thanks again for the Aquaman . . . my most prized acquisition

Jun 8, '09, 11:18 PM
Yes! - Emerald city sold! Everything at my table was a steal as well - I sold over half my stuff.

I figured if EC didn't sell I could trade it for one of your customs.

As always great to see you.

Jun 8, '09, 11:31 PM
aw yeah! Art art!!!