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Jun 8, '09, 10:50 PM
When we got to the Super 8 on Thursday, I realized that my duffel
bag of clothes did not make the trip with us - leaving me with only
the clothes on my back (in my size anyway)

So after dinner, Chuck took me to the Family Dollar Store there
to buy some cheap shirts, socks, and boxers.

The only thing that bummed me out was that I had packed my
"Kneel before Zod" shirt - practically irreplaceable, as well as
an FF #57 t-shirt that I loved.

When we got back to my car in New York, the bag was still
in the back seat - safe and sound.

So next year you can all kneel before Zod again!

Jun 8, '09, 11:04 PM
I think there's photographic evidence that I kneeled anyway . . . .

Jun 8, '09, 11:07 PM
I think there's photographic evidence that I kneeled anyway . . . .

Why, Yes...Yes there is:



Jun 9, '09, 3:10 PM
I was glad to see it was safe and sound. So will you be getting a kneel before "Little Zod" shirt? He's gotta get off the plane wearing that. It's only right to let the US citizens know what to expect in the future right from the start. Best of luck in China. Wear a mask just to be safe. You might wanna pull a "Doc in the plastic bubble" getup for 100% germ security.

Dave Mc
Jun 9, '09, 3:30 PM
Cool. I knew there was something off-kilter this weekend. I think it was Doc not appearing in that T-shirt. His t-shirt was just blank. That's just not right.

Jun 9, '09, 3:48 PM
WOw , It great , I always dread , " did leave in the car or it did leave on a seat at a rest stop "

Chris DVM
Jun 9, '09, 6:48 PM
Oh thank the gods.
Chris DVM