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Jun 8, '09, 8:20 PM
This guy deserves his own thread, he's that nice. I've been playing with him since I got home and honestly, the quality is outstanding.

Kudos mssrs Johnson, Rogers, Leitner, Clarke, McCormick and Hough.



Jun 8, '09, 8:26 PM
I bet those all sold out :(

Jun 8, '09, 8:32 PM
Man, that is great!
Is that a microphone or a marching baton?

Hey.... is this thing on. Um... hello?

:grin: :grin:

Perfect opponent for a custom with the 6mdm head from Bryan.

Jun 8, '09, 8:33 PM
That Suit Looks Like a Real Pain in the Arse to Sew... Kuddo's.

Jun 8, '09, 8:34 PM
Oh man thats all I needed to see. So wanted one! Looks truly awesome. Should have never missed this year but life gets in the way. Congrats looks sweet.

Jun 8, '09, 8:35 PM
^^ agreed

sooo wanted one of these, and a Evel, and the Cousteau, and a big armful of other goodies from Berto (and others), and to compete and see the kitbash competition, and to bid in the auction (oooh I wanted that Kung Fu Grip joe), and to hang in the megosuite, and to check out the toy museum, and, and, and......

really, no sour grapes. I'm still happy, just a little green.
But I sure did WANT to do all of that. I'm very glad that those who could, did; and that they can report on the fun so's us hombodys can take it in vicariously.

Jun 8, '09, 8:37 PM
How many exclusives were there this year? Know that Boss made a few and someone made a Ek doll. Which other ones were there?

Jun 8, '09, 8:46 PM
As usual we did the Friday night assembly line and have to admit, while I've always thought Brian's stuff was awesome he really nailed it with this suit. I mean the head and helmet were dead on but they were shrinks of the original, the boxes were perfect, but the suit was just like an original DK. Two pieces,the trim on the shirt bottom was the same texture, the cape was pretty much the exact same material all original capes are made of and the colors were just there. If Mego did this in 8 inch scale, it would have been this figure with a rubber head.

mego boy CA
Jun 8, '09, 10:03 PM
man that figure rocks!!! wish i could have gone to get one. :yes:

Jun 8, '09, 10:23 PM
Kromedome's awesome!!

Jun 8, '09, 10:41 PM
who would've thunk that some crappy knock off figure Mego phoned in to give Monty Wards something to pair up with Steve Austin would make such a fun 8" exclusive. The work on the suit is unbelievable Brian.

Jun 9, '09, 12:31 AM
It's really a huge improvement over Mego's! Nice job.

Jun 9, '09, 7:45 AM
I really like how it turned out.

I'm pretty sure ChrisDVM has some left over. Check with him.

Neutron X
Jun 9, '09, 9:05 AM

Jun 9, '09, 4:44 PM
For those Who purchased it
That would go great with JJ and planet patrol Playset, The Good Dr. is portrayed on the cover of my Playset.

(Shameless Plug)

Jun 9, '09, 5:31 PM
Thats a Great looking Figure :beaming1:

Jun 9, '09, 11:43 PM
Never made the same suit 40 times in a row. Being a fairly complicated costume, by the end I was ready for it to be over but I'd do it again in a second. The box is super cool, the head and hat make it all work. It was a blast.

Jun 10, '09, 12:08 AM
I got mine!!! and it was GREAT!!! It was cosmic as I had just finished 2 Six Million Dollar Man customs. I waited for these guys to go on sale. Finally on Saturday they were ready. Chuck and Chris probably were getting ticked at how often I was asking about these figures.

Jun 12, '09, 9:15 PM
Although I can't believe it, there ARE some left over. I am soooo happy to be getting one of these guys. I love's me some Kromedome :yes:

Jun 13, '09, 12:30 AM
kromedome was an awesome idea!! i know it's kinda soon, wonder what next year's figure is gonna be

Chris DVM
Jun 13, '09, 5:34 AM
kromedome was an awesome idea!! i know it's kinda soon, wonder what next year's figure is gonna be

I know. . .
Chris DVM

Jun 17, '09, 11:05 AM
I know. . .
Chris DVM

Just remember keep yer head down Buddy!

Jun 17, '09, 4:31 PM
I think Steve Austin would be the obvious choice given that Kromedome needs someone his own size to fight!

Jun 17, '09, 5:12 PM
Scary Eyes!!!

Jul 18, '09, 2:47 PM
I just got one of these KDs in the post and I wanted to shout out a thanks to all involved.

The outfit on this fellow is truly a work of art. Unbelievable stitchery.

Truly better than the 12" original. Now I gotta get me one of them Nayrbgo 6mdm heads.

Chris DVM
Jul 20, '09, 9:03 AM
There are two left for anyone who wants one. PM me or email me at lisae2@earthlink.net.
Chris DVM

Jul 22, '09, 12:27 AM
PM'ed ya Chris!