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Jun 8, '09, 10:57 AM
Well, we got back last night about 10pm safe and sound. No road troubles, which is always good.

Another fantastic weekend at MegoMeet (my 3rd now). I am so tired today after 4 hours of sleep each night since last Thursday and the 14 hour drive yesterday. But I would do it again in a heart beat. It was really GREAT seeing everyone again as well as meeting the new faces who could make it.

The dealers room was amazing this year. I picked up a mint Peace Belt Dinah-Mite, a mint Palitoy Hutch, a sewn-on-sleeve Spidey, nice Batcycle box, Boss's custom classic Batman, MegoSpidey's custom Mary Jane, custom Romulan Centurian, Jim's custom Evel Knievel, Cast-a-way and Dr. Mego pieces parts, portraits from our own Art B (yea, man - my sons love theirs), beautiful Apache Chief and Samaurai customs (Thanks a lot Ron) and the MegoMeet exclusive. I'm sure I'm leaving something out but my brain is not firing on all cylinders this morning :smiley1:. I could have easily walked away with more had funds been there. Berto's, Charlie's, Ron's and Dave's stuff was pure Mego goodness.

The MegoSuite - what can you say. The HIGHLIGHT of the trip. I haven't laughed so hard in ages. I think this is the real reason for the Meet. Thanks again to Paul for hosting it and to everyone else who was in there. Nothing like talking toys till 4am with those who get it.

I'm already planning for MegoMeet 2010.

wayne foundation 07
Jun 8, '09, 11:15 AM
Glad you made it home safe,the return trips always seem to take longer.

Jun 8, '09, 1:03 PM
So that's where my Mary Jane went....

Jun 8, '09, 1:08 PM
So that's where my Mary Jane went....

:silly: OK, I ordered a Mary Jane. :wink_y:

Jun 8, '09, 1:11 PM
^^ I's just yanking your chain. Love the Flatt Parker by the way...I've already got him next to my AE.

The ordering process has begun for the Mary Jane customs (I've got 4 to make)...one will be making her way to Alabama shortly.

Jun 8, '09, 6:12 PM
Congrats on all the Toy purchases. Sounds like you had an Awesome time :beaming1:

Jun 8, '09, 8:56 PM
Was great seeing you and the kids again Scott. The Suite really is the best. Cool to just chill out and chat with a bunch of toy geeks. Can Art command a room or what? He is simply a funny guy. Oh and he can draw too.