View Full Version : Exhausted yet Recharged: My Recap

Jun 8, '09, 10:39 AM
I sit here sick, tired and downright dizzy but also happy and spiritually recharged currently, it's an odd place. The Meet always does that to me, the worst thing that happened this weekend was the coffee I got at a rest area. This kind of vibe ia addicting and leaves you wanting more.

It's always good to see the familiar faces and meet new folks and their families. I spent the entire weekend talking; no wonder I can't speak now. It's likely because you don't get this kind of opportunity much, to yap with like minded people, folks who don't glossily stare at you when you mention "custom" or "kresge card".

I think that's the beauty of the event, I sat down for a while and just listened to the crowd noises and would pick up key words like "repro", "eBay", "aqua man", "glove" and "shipped" coming from all directions, it's just a room of pure unadulterated toylove.

I also saw something very clearly this weekend as well, Mego collecting has changed considerably since I first started this gig. It’s growing and it’s becoming something new, I believe it to be positive but I think we’re going to see it morph much more in the future. The biggest culprit behind this is that Paul Clarke fellow and his crusade but credit can also go to those Cast-A-Way guys and anyone who ever put paint to a resin head.

The show always seems to fly by as does the dinner afterward, if I could sit down with those same people every month for dinner, I would never miss.

Anyway. Kudos to Dave for an excellent event/ To Tom L for being a go to guy and photographer, to Paul Clare and his “mego suite”, I swear he’s a cyborg of some kind, he never slept. Chris Johnson and his tireless custom efforts. Also everybody who set up or attended, I just want to say thanks for making it such a super event. I don’t think my brain can name everybody right now but I can honestly say, it was a joy meeting you or seeing again.

Mego Milk
Jun 8, '09, 10:43 AM
right on brother.

Jun 8, '09, 11:05 AM
Great report, I wish I could have been there. It will be interesting to see where it morphs from here..

Jun 8, '09, 11:05 AM
that's it can i reserve my room for next year now?

Jun 8, '09, 12:46 PM
good on ya, Brian. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Jun 8, '09, 1:01 PM
sounds like everyone had a blast

Jun 8, '09, 1:02 PM
The "snapshot" of the weekend that will stand out in my mind is seeing Brian (Palitoy) and Jason (gaga4toyz) talking to each other eye to eye :wink_y:

Good to see you again Brian - even though we didn't get to chat much.

David Lee
Jun 8, '09, 2:00 PM
The "snapshot" of the weekend that will stand out in my mind is seeing Brian (Palitoy) and Jason (gaga4toyz) talking to each other eye to eye :wink_y:

Good to see you again Brian - even though we didn't get to chat much.

I know what ya mean preach, I felt like a kid who wandered into conversion with the "grown folks"... Tall people, what'r ya gonna do.

BTW I am still geeking over my Captain America, it's sitting in front of me right now. You are as talented as you are cool...

Right on "B", or as Art would say "Awe yea Mego Mindedness"...


Earth 2 Chris
Jun 8, '09, 4:40 PM
Sounds like a really great event as always. Next year, I'll be back I swear!!!


Jun 8, '09, 4:46 PM
As I said in my post.....IT WAS A BLAST :grin: I wasn't sure if I was going to go to the meet until the last minute...but I'm sure glad I did :smile: I could have stayed another day :smiley1: I wanted to go with my 6 year old son to see if he would get into this hobby....and on the way home all I heard was "daddy when we get home can we play with the mego's" :smiley1: Well I guess he had a good time :wink_y:
It was so wonderful to meet everyone(I'm a little shy so it took me a little time to warm up to everyone)and talk to people who don't look at me funny when I talk about the stuff we talk about :yes:

Jun 8, '09, 5:48 PM
Great Report. Sounds like you had a Blast :beaming1: