View Full Version : Made It To Wheeling And Back In One Piece!

Jun 7, '09, 9:51 AM
Hi All!

It was very nice meeting so many of you!! Although I spent my "budget" Friday night...I had a great time chatting with so many of you!! I had to take off early Saturday....Next year I'll try and stay longer!

Thanks again!


Jun 7, '09, 10:30 AM
Nice meeting you as well my friend. Still have the RC bats for you when you are ready. Great time!

Jun 7, '09, 1:17 PM
Oh....I am still thinking about it!!! Believe me! I wish I could make it out to your toy show in Delaware!


Jun 7, '09, 1:47 PM
That's a great pic

Gorn Captain
Jun 7, '09, 2:19 PM
It's the "I forgot to install a bathroom break hatch in my armour" pic!

Jun 7, '09, 5:47 PM
YEA! I was wondering how much work that would be for him to use the facilities! Great Costume though!

Jun 7, '09, 6:44 PM
Awesome Pic :beaming1:

Jun 7, '09, 7:16 PM
nice meeting you too!!
I agree- that is a great pic LOL
Bathroom hatch? Naa...just let it roll when the need arises hahahaha

Jun 7, '09, 8:39 PM
Great to meet you Kevin, weird that it was in Wheeling and not in town.

Jun 8, '09, 11:51 AM
TELL ME ABOUT IT! Next year I am hitching a ride with you!!! In the mean time....do you usen Facebook? If so, add me! "Kevin Polidano"

And that goes for any of you other mego heads I met!