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The Toyroom
Jul 24, '07, 10:19 PM
Anyone else a fan of these? Some good ones coming up....

ADAM STRANGE VOL. 1 (August 2007)
BATGIRL VOL. 1 (July 2007)
METAL MEN VOL. 1(Oct 2007)
TEEN TITANS VOL. 2 (Sept 2007)
WHO'S WHO VOL. 1-2 (2007)
WONDER WOMAN VOL. 1 (August 2007)

I'm surprised to see "newer" stuff like BATO, Suicide Squad and Captain Carrot up there, since most of the Showcase series has been Silver Age with some Bronze Age.

Jul 24, '07, 11:52 PM
I'm looking forward to the Secret Society of Super Villians.

Stuff that I would love to see get the Showcase treatment...

Ambush Bug (both minis and specials, and including his DC Comics Presents, Action Comics and Supergirl appearances).

Harvey Kurtzman's Mad.

Unknown Soldier.

Enemy Ace.

Elliot S! Maggin and Curt Swan's seventies Superman.

Giffen's Justice League titles.

Mike Baron and William Messner Loeb's run on Flash post-Crisis featuring Wally West.

Mike Grell's Green Arrow.

Jul 25, '07, 3:13 AM
I'd be all over these if they were newsprint color TPB's, the B&W kills it for me.

The Toyroom
Jul 25, '07, 7:10 AM
The black and white's not so bad actually...

I'd like to see:

Eclipso (from "House of Secrets")
Dial "H" for Hero (from "House of Mystery")
Beware...The Creeper
Doom Patrol
The Demon (original Kirby series)
Deadman (from "Strange Adventures" through "Adventure Comics")

Jul 25, '07, 7:34 AM
I think that they're great!

MUCHO bang fer the buck, attractively packaged, nicer paper and reproduction than Marvel's Essentials (though lately they have shown improvement)...bring on lotsamore!!


Earth 2 Chris
Jul 25, '07, 8:28 AM
I've only gotten two so far Superman vol.1 and Teen Titans vol.1, but I really dig them. It took me a while to get past the black and white, but once you start reading them, you don't really care. Cool to see great artwork by Swan and Cardy in black and white as they created it.

A buddy of mine told me the Batgirl Showcase is out. I have to get that one!


Jul 25, '07, 9:14 AM
I've been after cheap Kurtzman mad for a decade.

As for Captain Carrot, wow I used to never miss an issue.

Jul 25, '07, 10:30 AM
sounds like some good ones

filmation batman fan
Jul 25, '07, 7:26 PM
What surprised me is that they came out with one for Aquaman. I may want to get that one. So far, the only ones I have are Batman and Justice League of America. I want to get the Teen Titans, Aquaman and any future volumes of Batman and Justice League. It would be neat if they did a World's Finest.

The Toyroom
Jul 25, '07, 9:40 PM
I have Aquaman, Superman (1 and 2), Batman (1), Justice League (1), Shazam! and Legion of Super-Heroes and they're all great!

Jul 26, '07, 1:09 AM
What's the definition of "SHOWCASE PRESENTS..." ???

They're not gonna collect ALL the Secret Society O.S.V.s
in ONE volume are they?

That would be incredible!

Jul 26, '07, 3:11 AM
The SSoSV should all fit in one volume. Its roughly 20 to 25 issues per volume.

The Toyroom
Jul 26, '07, 7:19 AM
Yeah SSOSV was only 15 issues I think plus a special and cross-over or two so it'll all fit.

What's the definition of "SHOWCASE PRESENTS..." ???

"Showcase" was a title that originally ran in from the mid 50s to the 70s and was a spotlight book that featured new characters before they were deemed sales-worthy to have their own book. Some of the more memorable guys that were breakthrough Showcase stars are the Silver Age Flash, Silver Age Atom, Challengers of the Unknown, Lois Lane, Silver Age Green Lantern, Space Ranger, Metal Men, Teen Titans, B'wana Beast (?!), Power Girl.....

"Showcase" was also revived in the 90s several times but the focus was more on supporting characters from the Superman and Batman families...the new characters that were introduced haven't done much or reappeared since their tryouts.

Jul 26, '07, 7:52 AM
I'd be all over these if they were newsprint color TPB's, the B&W kills it for me.

I just picked up a Mister Miracle trade collection and was fuming mad to find out that it was in black and white given the fact that it cost as much as a regular DC colour trade. I would have been less upset if it collected twice the amount of material in Showcase format.

Vintage Doom Patrol would be awesome.

I've been after cheap Kurtzman mad for a decade.

The recent Pocket Book reprints were a step in the right direction for a nostalgic thrill, but there is just something about seeing the art in a larger format, as it was laid out comic book style (particularly Will Elder's stuff).

A few years ago I discovered a large format colour softcover volume published by Russ Cochran that reprinted the first six issues for only twenty bucks. I was in heaven. If only they had put out more of these inexpensive volumes! The hardcovers slipcase volumes Cochran put out are just too much $$$.

Someone recently told me that they did recently do Kurtzman Mad reprints in an affordable Magazine format, but I'm not sure if the entire Kurtzman run was ever completed.

Earth 2 Chris
Jul 26, '07, 8:21 AM
I was skimming through the latest Previews last night and noticed that the same company that produced CD-ROMs of the "40 Years of Spider-Man, X-Men", etc. were also doing a MAD volume. Not sure if it goes all the way back to the original comic issues, but it's a safe bet it does.


The Toyroom
Jul 26, '07, 10:03 PM
"Tales Calculated to Drive You Mad" was 8 issues and reprinted "Mad" No. 1-23 (the issues before it became magazine sized). The irony is the reprints were magazine-sized.