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David Lee
Jun 1, '09, 7:09 PM
So we got all these talented folks, and just about anything under the sun for heads and accessories from awesome vendors... so let's have some fun!

The rules are simple: Make it at the show! Whatever you get from the Meet dealer room is fair game. No sandbagging with stuff from home, this is to see what you guys can do on the "fly". So bring your ideas, and any other construction materials and tools you'll need, but that's all! I'll bring some paints, and brushes for those who forget, but if you need specialized stuff bring it with ya.

The prizes: Up for grabs is "Red Italian version Phantom", store credit, "one off" custom parts etc (don't worry we'll have that all ready for the winner)... but best of all the chance to call yourself "CHAMPION"

Is it in you?.... will you rise to meet this challenge?... Do you have what it takes? Let's find out...


Dave Mc
Jun 1, '09, 8:38 PM
Sounds like a blast, Dave. Thanks for taking this on.

EMCE Hammer
Jun 1, '09, 9:47 PM
Awesome Dave. This will change the whole dynamic of the dealer room!

Mego Milk
Jun 1, '09, 10:20 PM
Bring it ON!

Jun 1, '09, 11:25 PM
nice idea. a "no prize" wouldda been sufficient

David Lee
Jun 2, '09, 9:34 AM
It's really fun. It's not an original idea, they did this at "Joe-Lanta" last time I went and I thought it was really cool. It took some of the "down" time out of it and made it kind of a challenge. They had a theme, but I figured we would keep it open to whatever you guys come up with. The fun part is you don't even really have to be a great customizer, just be creative and look out for cool stuff to use.

I felt like prize would keep it from seeming like an "out" and "out" ploy to sell more custom gear :terror:


Jun 2, '09, 9:40 AM


Jun 2, '09, 9:53 AM
I've spent the past 11 months making customs for megomeet... I'm taking the weekend off. :)

David Lee
Jun 2, '09, 10:27 AM
I've spent the past 11 months making customs for megomeet... I'm taking the weekend off. :)

Great you can be a judge B!


Jun 2, '09, 11:25 AM
sold. :)

Jun 2, '09, 8:32 PM
Looking forward to pictures.

Jun 3, '09, 1:38 AM
Great idea Dave, make sure to take pics of all the creations

Jun 3, '09, 3:35 AM
YAAAAYYYYY!! Arts and crafts!!!

Jun 3, '09, 8:37 AM
Man, I'm in. I've got an idea and everything. So sick of not finishing my stuff that I need this.

Jun 3, '09, 10:08 AM
yeah I uh painted like 20 heads this week because I still had some left from last Mego Meet plus some from the NYCC, and the ones I got from BK and juanimal, and I just couldn't justify getting anymore (which you know I will) in WV if I didn't get some done. So now I get to go to the Meet and ummmm paint heads and make customs. WOO HOO!!! Looks like I have to make room for the paint box in the van!! Great idea.