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The Toyroom
Apr 17, '09, 10:49 PM
Here's the thought process behind this one.....after losing out on the Universal Monsters license to AHI, Mego is forced to go with their more generic looking Mad Monster Series. But there's a little window of opportunity between AHI losing the license themselves and Remco picking it up. So Mego aggressively persues Universal and is able to lock down the license in '78. But since Universal is notoriously difficult to work with, Mego brands the line as World's Greatest Classic Movie Monsters just in case they don't renew the license down the road. And they quietly negotiate with Hammer Films to add "The Reptile" to the assortment (considering it's an easy one with spare Wicked Witch bodies and dresses that can be put to good use). The thinking is, if Universal bails they can just jump to the next assortment with more Hammer characters, such as Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula. And maybe API's Teenage Frankenstein. (Thomas has already done these customs but I didn't add them to the assortment because Universal would have balked at other variations on Frank and Drac included in the mix). WHEW!

So without further ado....


The background BTW is from Scott Adams' great Dida Monster displayset...I thought it was fitting and appropriate for the monsters to be running from the mob of torches and pitchforks....:smiley1:

Apr 18, '09, 4:04 AM
Perfect and very fitting background.
And with your explanation about the licenses I can already see the page for '79 :wink_y: :grin:

Another stellar job, Anthony. And thanks for making me look good :grin:

Apr 18, '09, 10:11 AM
WOW! This Page Looks Fantastic. I Love these Monsters :beaming1:

Apr 20, '09, 10:21 AM
Great job man!!! I really dig the background...

Apr 20, '09, 10:49 PM
Man, my mom is lucky these figures weren't made back in the 1970s. She would have heard a lot of begging and pleading to get the whole collection.

Apr 21, '09, 5:22 AM
That's really stunning Anthony.

Jun 20, '09, 2:19 AM