View Full Version : Customize your forum view...

Apr 10, '09, 11:26 AM
Did you know you can edit which forums appear to you? If you go into User CP and select "edit options" you can choose from a list of all the forums which to hide. So if you want to narrow your view down to only Mego-related stuff it's easy to exclude General Buzz or anything else.

Apr 14, '09, 11:46 AM
It seems some of the forums aren't listed there such as Customs and Re-Mego.

Apr 15, '09, 7:52 AM
That's something we're aware of and working on.

Apr 15, '09, 10:22 AM
A great option, but I choose to view all -- even if I actually don't view them most of the time.

I hate having blinders on :)