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The Toyroom
Mar 15, '09, 9:20 PM
Figured this would be a good time for an update on the catalog and Thomas' Batman project has some renewed interest due to his recent custom posts. :wink_y:

Credit must be given to Thomas for his cool pic of Batman and Robin scaling the wall of a Dida Display Wayne Manor as well as his neat homage to the WGSH Super-Heroes vs. the Lincoln Monsters catalog photo. :yes: Way to go, man!

There's still some tweak work to do on some of the individual figure pics but you get the idea. :smile:


Neutron X
Mar 15, '09, 9:34 PM
Looks GREAT!! Nice work!

Mar 15, '09, 9:55 PM
You guys ROCK!!!!!! Great design as usual, Anthony, and Thomas---you really came through with nice photos! Wow, I'm doing a happy dance, that's so great.

Mar 15, '09, 10:21 PM
Me Too.....happy Happy Joy Joy , Happy Happy Joy Joy !!

Mar 15, '09, 10:39 PM
that is cool!

Mar 15, '09, 11:52 PM
awesome!! how about adding the crossover guest stars green hornet and kato!! :)

Mar 16, '09, 12:49 AM
Thats One Great Looking Spread. Fantastic :beaming1:

Mar 16, '09, 2:20 AM
http://megomuseum.com/albums/Gifs/dancing_spiderman.gif http://megomuseum.com/albums/Gifs/aniangus.gif
You better believe I'm doing a happy dance
I'm looking at these pages thinking how professional they look, like I could just walk into a store and get the figures from these pages. And then it hits me: I made those... I can hardly believe it. Wonderful job Anthony, this was well worth the wait. :applause:

Scott, thanks for the Dida Wayne Foundation, that pic wouldn't have been possible without it :wink_y:

starsky, if we do a 1979 Re :Imagined Project there's plenty figures left I could nominate for this, among others Green Hornet and Kato

Mar 16, '09, 6:58 AM
Wow that looks fantastic.

Mar 16, '09, 8:32 AM
Oh Wow that looks great ! You are doing an outstanding job with these !

Mar 16, '09, 10:39 AM
This is awesome!

Mar 16, '09, 11:59 AM
Absolutely fantastic stuff! Is that a Frank Gorshin Riddler or a John Astin Riddler? ;)

Mar 17, '09, 2:53 AM
The one in the pics is Frank Gorshin, but I also have a John Astin done

Dave Mc
Mar 17, '09, 6:00 AM
BAM! SOCK! POW! You hit the nail on the head. Nice work.

Mar 17, '09, 3:39 PM
yeah everything looks fantastic.

Mar 19, '09, 4:42 PM
As always, great work Anthony.

Mar 20, '09, 3:44 AM
Cool work by all involved. Thomas your pic staging is great.

Mar 21, '09, 4:47 AM
Cool work by all involved. Thomas your pic staging is great.

Thanks. I just had to do the wall climbing pic, that is so classic.
But getting Robin to hang just right in the air was a pain, he kept turning away :wall:

Mar 23, '09, 1:34 PM
Wow, you really captured the Mego spirit of the '60's Batman series! That really rocks!

The Bat
Mar 29, '09, 5:41 AM
LOVE IT! Looks like the real deal...I wish Mego had done that!

Apr 13, '09, 6:33 PM
That looks great ! Just like the real thing!:smile:

May 11, '09, 11:38 AM
that is an awesome catalogue, do you also do custom cataolgues?

May 11, '09, 6:37 PM
Well, this sorta is a custom catalogue :wink_y:

May 11, '09, 9:08 PM
those are some great looking customs