View Full Version : Swap meet finds.

Jul 8, '07, 5:04 PM
Just came back from the famous Pasadena flea market, and for 25 bucks I came home with a Superman T1 marked 1971 on body but no markings on the head, batman T2 nice clean uniform no cape, original boots and belt. Green Arrow with nice clean uniform but a gray head, no additional parts...well not bad for a Sunday drive out of town...

Jul 8, '07, 5:35 PM
Sweet!!! glad you found some Megos in the wild

I've found nothing for a couple months now ... yesterday I had to resort to buying a MIB Barbie doll for $5 at a yard sale to get my toy fix.


Jul 8, '07, 5:37 PM
wow great find,and for $25 you can't go wrong :grin:

Jul 8, '07, 5:48 PM
The rush of finding Megos in the wild is already worth it ;)

Dave Mc
Jul 8, '07, 8:01 PM
Always good to come away with Mego on a trip like that. Very cool.

Jul 8, '07, 9:35 PM
Gosh, that is a great deal! Congrats on that!

- Ian

mego boy CA
Jul 8, '07, 10:12 PM
sounds like a cool find. :yes:

Jul 8, '07, 10:50 PM
Sounds like a fun time. Usually if I find one Mego I get such a rush and images of finding AEs start flooding my mind:smiley1:

Jul 9, '07, 12:35 AM
Or carded Kreges. You always hope the little old ladies that have tables will have something like that cheap.

Jul 9, '07, 4:42 AM
Megos in the wild. Soon they will be all but extinct in their native habitats. :crazy:

Jul 9, '07, 8:19 AM
Wow, that's great. I wish I could find Megos out here. Our local flea market has more new things than old now. It's not as good as it used to be.