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Jul 8, '07, 7:53 AM
Just wanted to say hi! I am happy to be a part of the community!

I remember originally having the RC Batman and Superman back in the 70's. Quick story, the RC mask got split open after trying to fit it on the thing when I had devised a plot where Batman turned into a monster.

Years later I was able to buy another loose RC Batman at a premium price only to learn about Doc Mego a couple of weeks later. Oh well!

At any rate, I am the latest new guy that has enjoyed visiting the site for sometime and feel great about being able to join!


Jul 8, '07, 9:02 AM
Welcome aboard Chuck.

Jul 8, '07, 9:11 AM
welcome buddy,enjoy :grin:
this site has a great bunch of guys

Jul 8, '07, 9:41 AM
welcome aboard chuck a funny story . you will enjo this site. mike

Jul 8, '07, 9:58 AM
Welcome, Chuckster

Dave Mc
Jul 8, '07, 11:46 AM
Hiya Chuck.

Jul 8, '07, 3:08 PM
So now there are two. Welcome aboard. CG

Jul 8, '07, 5:45 PM
Good to have you on board Chuck, enjoy the ride :grin:

Jul 8, '07, 5:53 PM
Welcome to the greatest show on earth!:2thumbsup:

Jul 8, '07, 6:04 PM
Hiowdy Chuck! :costumed-smiley-009

mego boy CA
Jul 8, '07, 8:41 PM
Welcome Chuckster.

Jul 8, '07, 9:31 PM
Chuck, Wuck, Bo-Buck. Banana, Wana, ... anyhow, welcome to the Mego Museum. I'm sure that you'll enjoy your stay. :grin:

- Ian

Jul 9, '07, 4:41 AM
Welcome to the madness! Enjoy the pie, but don't feed the monkeys. :wavey: