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The Toyroom
Jan 31, '09, 8:56 AM
Haven't updated anything in a while...

Pages 10 and 11: The WGSH Line Extension. There will be more WGSH pages coming (playsets, Superman the Movie, TV heroes)...this is strictly the basic figures. Tried to break them down in appropriate assortments. I took the editorial license to include Brainiac and Luthor to the line to round out the Superman assortment, even though they weren't included in the original submissions. (Plus, why should Marvel get all of the new cool villains?) Figures are by Brian Leitner and he's probably one the most Megoesque customizers out there. :wink: And although it's not stated, Spidey's assortment is packed with two Spider-Man figures...he's gonna need all the help he can get. :smiley1:



Jan 31, '09, 9:04 AM
Friggin cool, there's not a single figure that looks out of place.
Well done Anthony, this catalogue is gonna ROCK

The Toyroom
Jan 31, '09, 9:08 AM
Oh, you'll notice some characters are missing.....

In trying to balance the assortments and keep the pages count down some fine super-folks were axed:

Shazam - since we're going with the TV Shazam later on, I figured why duplicate with an inferior version of the Big Red Cheese

Batgirl, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Isis - OK, 8" Wonder Woman was already phased out by Mego in favor of the 12" version. Isis was discontinued by '79. That's sort of retroactive foresight on my part but why give her space when I know she's gonna be gone. :smiley1: As for Batgirl and Catwoman, they'll have new TV versions on Meule's '66 Batman pages. :yes: I figured the Super Gals seemed to be hanging on a thread by that point so let's mix it up a bit and make some changes.

Aquaman - He's going to be repackaged solely as a figure with the Great White Shark playset (not shown in this catalog)...making more GWS playsets available for EVERYBODY in the future. :smiley1:

Yes, all editorial license...I'm ready for the torches and pitchforks. :smiley1:

wayne foundation 07
Jan 31, '09, 10:59 AM
Love the way you have Plastic man waving.That really shows his off good.Awesome !Truely awesome

Jan 31, '09, 2:48 PM
Fantastic! Your Doing a Great Job with the Catalog. Very Nice Work :beaming1:

Jan 31, '09, 10:28 PM
It all looks fantastic so far....I would have flipped to see a catolog like this when I was a kid.

Feb 1, '09, 3:39 AM
That looks so Awesome Anthony. I wanna Superboy and Krypto now ;)

Feb 1, '09, 2:48 PM
thats so awesome! i want to buy all of them!

Feb 21, '09, 4:09 AM
How are the TV heroes pages coming along, Anthony?

Feb 21, '09, 7:38 AM
:drool_y: WOW! That is SO unbelievably COOL! :grin:

Feb 22, '09, 6:35 PM
Looks great, Six pages, (2,3,7,9,10,11) down ? to go. Keep up the good work.

Feb 23, '09, 12:43 PM
WOW that is looking AMAZING ! That's so awesome. Keep up the good work ! I am looking forward to the completed Catalog !

Feb 23, '09, 6:38 PM
Terrific, Anthony. Makes me so nostalgic--but can you miss something that never really existed?

I've wanted those characters since I was ten, and am still working to make those daydreams a realilty.

Feb 28, '09, 5:10 PM
Glad i found this thread.

Mar 7, '09, 4:41 AM
How are the TV heroes pages coming along, Anthony?

You are such a tease

Mar 7, '09, 7:37 AM
Well, at least we know Anthony's work will be splendiferous and worth the wait, however long it takes!

Mar 8, '09, 3:11 AM
Oh, I know it'll be worth the wait, but the suspense is killing me

Mar 9, '09, 12:11 PM
looking Good Anthony,

The Conan is kindof popping. Perhaps a no flash pic is needed.

You may have a small target audience, but we are VERY enthusiastic about this reimagining. Now we will need more cards for the card collectors. And then the Mego 82 Catalog with Indiana Jones and the 86 update with the Watchmen...... oops. got ahead of myself there.:grin:

seriously. very cool and I CAN wait for the finished product; I just don't want to.:wink_y:

Apr 13, '09, 6:36 PM
To heck with Sears...This is the ultimate Christmas Wishbook!!

Apr 25, '09, 2:46 PM
That looks so Awesome Anthony. I wanna Superboy and Krypto now ;)
Krypto i can help you with, your on your own with superboy.:wink_y:

Jun 17, '09, 11:20 PM

Mar 12, '10, 10:50 AM
WOW! This is GREAT! Looks so real! Awesome job as always Anthony!