View Full Version : The Torch Of Liberty

Jul 4, '07, 4:29 AM
As sort of an addition to my Hellboy line, here's the Torch of Liberty. He made a brief appearance in Seed of Destruction. He mainly appeared as a back up in Byrne's Danger Unlimited.


Jul 4, '07, 6:34 AM
Freakin' AWESOME!!!! It may be time for a new group shot of all your excellent Hellboy inspired figures!!!

Jul 4, '07, 11:05 AM
I don't know who he is either, but he looks great. Nice and simple design - love the color scheme. You are a master at accessories too tbolt - AWESOME STUFF.

Alberto Malnati
Jul 4, '07, 12:36 PM
:monkey_y::monkey_y:hey, thundie you are THE MAN!!!:yeah::yeah::yeah:
Your customs are super cool you growth up tremendously man.

Jul 4, '07, 5:42 PM
I gotta admit I don't know this one either, but I recognize brilliance when I see it. This is your usual top notch job, Joe. Great sewing and cool accessories.
Feeling a bit patriotic lately, aren't we? ;):grin:

Jul 4, '07, 5:59 PM
^^^ i do at least one every year.

EMCE Hammer
Jul 5, '07, 7:55 AM


kingdom warrior
Jul 5, '07, 9:53 AM
That's Freekin Awesome T-Bolt!

Jul 6, '07, 4:50 PM
Awesome addition to the family:grin:

The Sentry
Jul 6, '07, 10:48 PM
Never heard of him,but John Byrne's the man! I love his stuff! Awesome custom! I love the belt!

Dave Mc
Jul 6, '07, 11:15 PM
Love how those belts really add dimension to characters. Another great one.