View Full Version : Camera-shy Uhura

Sideshow Spock
Jan 8, '09, 2:53 PM
Anyone else's Uhura look like this in package?


Jan 8, '09, 3:12 PM
The 2 I got in the mail did.

Jan 8, '09, 3:16 PM
Mine too, also she seems quite loose and has a hard time standing.

Jan 8, '09, 3:26 PM
My Uhura arrived in the same way position as well.

Jan 8, '09, 3:33 PM
mine did too only i think it was the left side.

Jan 8, '09, 3:40 PM
I would say the majority of ours did...very few had the uhura head facing forward...I would guess 80%+ were turned to the side, and many of those, you can't see the face at all (totally hair covered or turned around too much)

Jan 8, '09, 3:45 PM
Sounds like a good reason to open em up.

Jan 8, '09, 4:04 PM
Yep, mine's too, I thought I got the only bad one, glad to hear everyone else's Uhura looks the same

Jan 9, '09, 5:32 PM
I guess I lucked out with mine.

Jan 10, '09, 12:42 AM
Mine is to the side also. The comic shop I bought it from said that all they received were like that.

Jan 11, '09, 11:30 AM
Mine too, also she seems quite loose and has a hard time standing.

You sure you're not referring to the Yeoman Rand figure? :smiley1:

(Apologies, Grace)

Jan 11, '09, 3:04 PM
Yeah, the one I bought for the Falcon was camera shy too.

Gorn Captain
Jan 12, '09, 12:46 PM
Just shake that baby five hundred times, and she'll look the right way.
Or her head will fall off.
Whichever comes first.....