View Full Version : Ininite heroes Nightwing and Batwoman

Jan 4, '09, 7:24 PM
looking for 2 nightwings one to open and a Batwoman, can be loose, any help would be appreciated

Jan 30, '09, 11:46 AM
DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis Batwoman - eBay (item 250364378140 end time Feb-26-09 17:34:43 PST) (http://cgi.ebay.com/DC-Universe-Infinite-Heroes-Crisis-Batwoman_W0QQitemZ250364378140QQcmdZViewItemQQptZL H_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item250364378140)

Feb 9, '09, 2:37 PM
i can't do it....double the price for a figure. i want the figure but not for that much, but thanks

Feb 9, '09, 3:25 PM
I see batwoman all the time if I find her again she is yours for sale price plus ship my friend

Feb 10, '09, 8:12 AM
deal, thanks fingers crossed you find nightwing too

Feb 17, '09, 4:47 PM
I bought a Batwoman the other day at a Target I seldom go to. Quite surprised
to see it but at least they are showing up at retail sites and not just comic
book stores and such.

Mar 27, '09, 9:25 PM
still only finding series one singles around here. anyone have any losse ones they'd like to get rid of?

Jun 16, '09, 12:38 PM
I found them