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Dec 31, '08, 12:21 AM
Saw this on one of the action figure sites, thought I would pass it on. Great job Dr. Mego!

Night of the Living Dead "Mego" Figures Shipping
Posted by Nomad on Wednesday, December 31, 2008


After a bit of a wait, the minds behind the Mego style Star Trek and Planet of the Apes line roll out a little bit of plastic armageddon! Prepare for the Night of the Living Dead...

FearWerx, both the largest online horror store and one of the most recognizable merchandise brands in the genre, and EMCE Toys, the brand that resurrected MEGO toys, announced today that the long-awaited line of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 8” action figures is finally shipping.

“We just got confirmation that the figures left the factory last week,” said Joe Sena, President of SphereWerx Micromedia, who founded the FearWerx brand and co-founded the EMCE brand with Paul “Dr. Mego” Clarke. “Although they won’t be in people’s hands for a few more weeks, we’re relieved that we can talk about them again.” The figures were announced in March with an initial release date of June, then an announcement was made in July that the figures would not be released until October. When that date slipped, Sena made the decision to remain silent until a definite release was met. “After several false starts, we didn’t want to make any announcements until we knew they were out the door.”

Production suffered several setbacks, from the 2008 Olympics to the economic impact on Chinese toy factories. In addition, they could not be produced until the completion of the second wave of STAR TREK action figures EMCE produces with Diamond Select Toys. “As we’ve mentioned before, we had an obligation to our partners at DST to deliver the Trek toys unencumbered by NOTLD,” said Sena. “And as the delays affected everything, the NOTLD figures kept getting pushed back further and further.”

On the FearWerx side of the business, the horror retailer and its online partners have held a large number of pre-orders which can finally be filled, including the black-and- white “Graveyard Zombie” exclusive variant sold at the Los Angeles Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors in Spring of last year. “Not a day goes by without my receiving an angry email from someone who is waiting for these,” said Sena. “and although we answered each one honestly, the delay and the public silence definitely hurt us.

Dec 31, '08, 1:30 AM
Is Doc, or any of our usual friendly Mego dealers carrying these?

Dec 31, '08, 2:13 AM
Is Doc, or any of our usual friendly Mego dealers carrying these?

I'm hoping they are :wink_y:

Dec 31, '08, 7:36 AM
The store I got Chekov at is awaiting these thru Diamond.

Jan 3, '09, 11:36 AM
Of course Dr. Mego's Repros (http://www.drmego.com) will have the Night of the Living Dead figures
as soon as they arrive.

Also go to FEARWERX: Original & Licensed Horror Merchandise (http://www.fearwerx.com) to order them and a ton of cool horror