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Dec 29, '08, 1:07 PM
The Doctor just arrived with his Tardis on a new place


While checking the place his old version also arrived on the place , somehow replacing the TARDIS with his own.


Some times later the 9th Doctor came back running into the TARDIS like something is following him. The other one is busy checking the rocks.


The 10th Doctor heared the sound of the leaving TARDIS but came to late.



He looked stunned at the place where he left the TARDIS ( for some reason he could not remember coming here before )


Suddenly he heard a well known sound .He turned around and faces a Dalek."Identify Yourself" shouts the Dalek towards him


"I will not answer a Dalek" said the Doctor "Identify Yourself. Obey. Obey" shouts the Dalek and moved around the Doctor,trying to get a clue about the tall man in front of him ,he must be taller than any human he has seen and killed before.


"Look at you Dalek" said the Doctor "You are small,tiny like a Toy "


That made the Dalek checking himself if the tall fearless human in Front of him is telling thetruth and he is shrunken somehow.
while doing this the TARDIS came back. Captain Jack Harkness and the 9th Doctor jumped out of it and Captain Jack kiled the small Dalek with his gun.



After the Dalek made his last dying noise the two Doctors were talking with each other. "I recognize you, but why can't I remember having been here before?" asked the 10th Doctor "So if you know me , who are you?" asked the other ."I am you, I mean your future Regeneration explained the 10th Doctor "But why were you coming back?" "I'm looking for Rose" said the Doctor "I were running from this shrunken Dalek. I told Rose to stay in the TARDIS and not wander off,but instead of Rose, Jack were sitting in the TARDIS so I came back to find Rose" "Ah OK" said the Doctor "I were travelling with Jack, so you took off with my TARDIS so Rose may still be in yours.Allons-y !!!!"


Jack waited at the 10th doctors TARDIS while the two Doctors startsearching for Rose and the other TARDIS


After a while they found Rose in the TARDIS but something weird happend, not only that Rose did not wander off but she and the TARDIS were shrunken like the Dalek they have seen before. What happens at this place ? Why do they seam to forget thinks like were the TARDIS there parked or the 10th Doctor having forgotten that he has been here before ?
And why did some things and people shrink ?


"Rose" said the 9th Doctor "What happened ? Did you see anything or hear anything weird ? Did you stay in the TARDIS ?"
"Yes I stayed in the TARDIS like you said .You must have grown somehow? And who is this other guy in th suit ?"
"Aaah" The 9th Doctor started to explain "I'm John Smith" said the 10th Doctor not wanting her to know his new face right know and having to explain too much "Just some traveller who somehow stranded on this place.Had some trouble with a saltshaker thing called Dalek but the Dpoctor here saved my live."


Both Doctors and Rose investigated the place ,they followed the direction the 10th doctor saw the Dalek coming from to find some strange technology . Together they found out that the people who lived in that place before tried invented a sort of converter wich can make anything smaller except for stones .After all they got so tiny that a human eye couldn't have seen them anymore, so they seam to had vanished. This hardware is also responsible for the memory lacks both Doctors suffered . It took a whole while for them to figure out how to reverse the effect of the shrinking.


They first tried it with the TARDIS


with success


Then they also reversed the shrinking of Rose



"Thanks a lot!" said Rose and hugged her Doctor


- The End-
(hope you enjoyed the story)

Dec 29, '08, 3:22 PM
Wonderful story!!! That first TARDIS looked like the special UK Exclusive card holder one. I just got it myself and it looks super, light lights up and nice whirling sound. It's a tad small right next to my Denys Baker, but who cares.

Great Job, Lora! :grin:


Dec 29, '08, 3:36 PM
Thanks :D The Tardis models and Roses are borrowed from a friend :) but you are right, that one is the card holder one (without light and sound)

Dec 29, '08, 5:43 PM
Excellent Story! Thanks.

Jan 13, '09, 8:43 AM
Thanks from me too, I enjoyed your story and pictures, and I hope you will do more.

Mr Mego
Jan 13, '09, 3:26 PM
That's awesome story and great figures with that Dr.Who's Police Box!

I can't see well in the middle words, "Police____Box" what it said?

That girl looks great shrink and larger figure jumping on them. :grin:

Jan 14, '09, 12:37 PM
Thanks :) That's public call standing in the middle, the TARDIS and the Rose figures (the girl) belong to my friend (Balto364) but I do have my own TARDIS right now ... (four and one in progress)