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mego boy CA
Jun 26, '07, 8:45 PM
is anyone into captain action toys? i am, i totally dig them. i first saw one as a kid when my dad bought me one at a five in dime store on clearence! and thought they were way cool! :cool3: still do! i only own a few but i think their great figures. second to megos of course.;)

Jun 26, '07, 9:02 PM
I use to like them alot,I had actually acquired a a great collection and sold them for crap on ebay :embarassed:

But yeah they are real cool figures,Those super hero costumes are the best part

mego boy CA
Jun 26, '07, 9:04 PM
yeah, i have superman, captain america, and the phantom.

Jun 26, '07, 10:05 PM
I was missing the Superman belt. I just got it today!! Well not just one....two....

Jun 26, '07, 11:05 PM
I've always been fascinated by them as "Mego's Dad", but they were before my time and too pricey for me to collect. Even the repro stuff seems to be pretty expensive when you compare it to Mego.

I'm hoping one day to own a Spiderman.

Jun 27, '07, 3:58 AM
One day I'd like to get a Batman and Robin, but that's as far as my love for CA goes :please:

Earth 2 Chris
Jun 27, '07, 7:31 AM
I first heard of them in Greenberg's Guide To Super Hero Toys WAY back in 1988. I lusted after them, but I figured I would never be able to touch them. Then, sometimes in the early 90s, my future wife found a huge CA costume lot at a flea market. Most of Batman's outfit (minus his face mask), Captain Action's suit and hat, Action Boy's suit, Superboys' suit and mask, Robin's cape, and the Phantom's skull cap, plus other sundry parts. That was a good start for me!

Since then I've really only picked up more pieces for my Batman, as well as several of the PM reissue pieces, but I'd love to finishe off my Robin. That cape haunts me.:)


The Bat
Jun 29, '07, 4:36 AM
One of My Nephews had Spiderman, when I was a Kid...I wanted one sooooo bad...but never got one.:cry:

Jun 29, '07, 9:16 PM
I was born in the mid 60's but by the time I was really ready to start playing with action figures, Joe was pretty much the bully on the block, until Mego's came along and steam rolled everything on the map!:grin: I do have one of the original figures in his original box complete. I also have one loose which I use to display my Batman outfit. That's about all I have with regards to the original line up because prices are a little too steep for my blood. I do have the entire Playing Mantis series including the costumes because I knew they would be a valued collectible in no time and that has proven to be true. I'm disappointed they didn't sale better because they were getting ready to release a Speed Racer costume set. I have pics of the prototype and it's simply sweet. I tip my hat to the effort Playing Mantis gave to this series though. I think it was a great tribute to the first modern day era super-hero action figure.

Lynn TXP 0369
Jul 1, '07, 9:49 AM
I never new the series existed until I saw them in a early 90's edition Tomarts Digest book.
Great figures and out fits, I loved them from what I saw! I wish I had them as a kid.

I got the PM CA and Dr. Evil figures in the late 90's. I just got the PM Kato and Green Hornet window box outfits for $14 for both off eBay.

I do want to get CA and Dr. Evil in the Diamond exclusive old style boxes and I want to get Action Boy in his old style box also.

If anyone has a PM CA Action boy with his box FS, please LMK.


The Toyroom
Jul 1, '07, 10:03 AM
I have repro boxes of the Ideal CA and AB line if anyone is interested in those.
JUst drop a PM.

Lynn TXP 0369
Jul 1, '07, 10:50 AM
PM sent...

mego boy CA
Jul 1, '07, 11:31 PM
Captain action had so many killer outfits it's hard to get everything they came with. that's what makes them great tho. :yes:
repo boxes sound cool. :cool3: