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Jun 25, '07, 10:27 PM
Maybe this is getting a little too psychological for the old mego board but…why specifically do you collect megos? I mean, what makes you do it? There are plenty of kids who had them and loved them who don’t collect them now. My wife thinks the reason I collect toys has something to do with some sort of stubborn refusal to grow up completely—but I just don’t see it as that—although besides the fact that I simply enjoy toys I can’t say why I collect them really. (So yes, I can’t answer my own question haha) How about you?

Jun 25, '07, 11:05 PM
Because I enjoy it. It brings me back to a simpler time, when my imagination was king, and the stresses of adult life didn't exist. Mego just personifies that better than any other toys from my childhood, and allows me to extend that into an adult hobby. The friendships and comraderie of similar minded people have made it into one of the more enjoyable hobbies I can imagine having.

kingdom warrior
Jun 25, '07, 11:12 PM
Because it instantly takes me back to being an innocent kid living in Brooklyn.Because it Reminds me of My Wonderful Mother who would buy me them all the time.Because it releases a chemical in my Brain that makes me all giddy.Because it lead me to one of the coolest Forums ever. Because Megos just hands down ROCK!

Jun 25, '07, 11:48 PM
Because my dad, who hated "dolls" and science fiction, wouldn't let me enjoy my Mego figures when I was a kid. I'm trying to relive my childhood the way it should have been. I know logically that it won't work now, but when that Alzheimer's starts to kick in, I WIN!

mego joe
Jun 25, '07, 11:49 PM
One of my two all-time favorite toys as a child. It reminds me of the unbridled joy of being a kid, they still look cool and I never did get to 'collect them all.'

Jun 25, '07, 11:50 PM
What they said.

Jun 26, '07, 12:02 AM
Megos are an excellently designed figure that deserves to continue on untill someone gets a clue and does it right. Mego is the example of the perfect playable figure, that not one single toy company can get it through their thick skull how to replicate its design or sucess. Spawn toys makes a great statue, nobody else can sculpt a decent figure. MEGO rules and deserves to carry on!! They were fun to play with then, and now...both my kids haul their MEGOS around. They're not violent or dangerous, and they portray real super heros with a positive message..."great power...great reponsibility" They can be customized, you can create your favorite figure that you always wanted or the newest figure that you recently idolize.
They have excellent collectibility...they have several teirs of collectibility. You can collect loose, naked, repro, parts, clothing, carded figures, boxed figures, mint figures with repro cards, or repro boxes. Theres a price range for everyone!! MEGOS hold a value, both financialy and in our hearts.....thats why I collect Megos. I Love the Hunt!!!

I only had a shazam, and a superman as a kid. My neighbors had almost all of them and now its my turn to pick up all my favorites. (I didn't even know who spiderman was untill I saw my friends Mego for the first time.):grin:

Jun 26, '07, 12:15 AM
I don't just collect Megos, so this explanation is for all my cool toys. Being a kid in the 70s was just the coolest thing ever. The toys were great! And I just a great big kid. I don't just collect my toys, I play w/ them too. It just reminds me of a simpler time when my biggest worry was what I was gonna get for Christmas, and the math test on Friday. When I would watch TV after school and see all the wonderful commercials w/ all my fave toys, the ones I got and the ones I just wished for. When I could entertain myself for hours w/ my dolls or figures and some homemade props. I miss those days. Buying back my childhood is costing me dearly, but worth it. I love sharing my toys and my past w/ my students, and sometimes just playing by myself and being 8 years old again.:wink_y:

mego boy CA
Jun 26, '07, 12:18 AM
My mom's and pop's couldn't afford to buy me too many toys and when i was a kid i always wanted all the superhero megos, i had seen on t.v. and on the mini catalogs. Still can't afford them but, i do get one or two on occation. they always brought me and my friends endless amount of fun! they still do! MEGOS ARE FUN!!!!!!!!!

The Sentry
Jun 26, '07, 12:46 AM
Mine will sound like everyone elses. I love them because at the time Mego products were the titans of children's attentions and desires was a wild and free jouys time of bliss for me.

I remember hunting everyone I owned! I always led the way to the toy section hoping to find something I needed and didn't have! Ya know, I still remember going to K-Mart in the late 70's with my Ma and dad and getting the Mego that matters most to me, "Hulkie" he was many the hero of many a story I created and acted out with him being the star of the adventure. He beat the Alliance, Empire, G.I. Joe and Cobra, why you ask? Cause 1. he was BIGGER 2. He was BADDER! and 3. He was BETTER! That sums Mego all up! They were the first crack at what Marvel Legends are today,(well, Spiderman Legends are 10" and have cloth clothing for Pete's sake!) So I remember my roots, all about being proud of what you were and remember best about childhood!

Jun 26, '07, 1:03 AM
They are purely an investment for me. I'm hoping my carded Hulk will send my daughter through college in about 14 years. Some people invest in stock, I invest in megos. OK, the truth now. I had em as a kid and want them back. They are part of my childhood. They gave me many happy memories.

Jun 26, '07, 3:09 AM
I was a Batman fan before I was a Mego fan, so that's what attracted me. Then I saw Star Trek and Mad Monsters and I was hooked. But ask anyone else in my family and they'll most likely say I refuse to grow up and still act like a kid :grin: Which is sometimes true I guess :smiley1:

Jun 26, '07, 4:22 AM
I grew up with only one crummy bendy riddler, so now, its payback time! I want as many Mego's as possible to make up for only having one bendy riddler and watching my older brother play with his 8 inch hulk. Plus, Mego is a great investment, there are many other toy collectables that just wont sell even if they sit on eBay for a year. Mego is also unmatched in quality and most of all detail, each Mego is like a little person.


Jun 26, '07, 5:17 AM

I'd always considered the 8" Mego body to be the ultimate toy. Well... the 7" Lionrock body, with swivel biceps and Doc Mego-esque swishy hands would be the ultimate toy... but the 8" Mego is a damned close second. I had a few that I used as artists dummies; since they're more posable than ACTUAL artists dummies.

Back in the days of the ORIGINAL Museum I found info on schloads of figures that I'd never heard of, and started seeking them out. (I NEEDED a set of the monsters....) And once I'd figgered out how to make molds I could finally make any character I wanted. After 20 years I could finally have everything cool in the same scale. Even back when I was a kid, me and my Granpa had tried, many times, unsuccessfully, to make custom figures.

Don C.

Dave Mc
Jun 26, '07, 6:06 AM
Because I enjoy it. It brings me back to a simpler time, when my imagination was king, and the stresses of adult life didn't exist. Mego just personifies that better than any other toys from my childhood, and allows me to extend that into an adult hobby. The friendships and comraderie of similar minded people have made it into one of the more enjoyable hobbies I can imagine having.

BAM! That's it, well said.

Comic Book Geek
Jun 26, '07, 6:18 AM
Because somewhere within this near 40 year old man with all the responsibilities life brings, is an 8 year old boy that refuses to grow up.

Superheroes still are the greatest fictional characters I've ever known, and mego was the company that made the toys when that 8 year old within stopped growing.

Jun 26, '07, 6:29 AM
When I was 8, I was told that I didn't really want Iron Man. I was willing to wait thirty years to get one, just to prove to my parents that I did indeed "really want Iron Man".

Jun 26, '07, 7:19 AM
I started out with Megos as a way to cut some stress out of my life. Like many other people have posted. Megos bring back a much simpler time in my life.

Jun 26, '07, 8:16 AM
The same reason I collect any old toy. It brings me back to a special time like many here have said. In addition to that though, I get to really fulfill that little kid in me who wanted all those cool charctaers I sa wonly in comic ads. I had mostly common Megos as a child ( I briefly had an Iron Man, but can't remember what happned to him) and when I get ones I never had it's like being a kid all over again. With Star Wars for example, I had almost everything I wanted as a child and if I didn't have it a friend probably did.
Seeing/obtaining something I've always wanted but never had adds a new dimension to it. As a lifelong Spider-Man fan finally obtaining that sought after Green Goblin was magic for instance.
Mego collecting has been very rewarding in that I'm not only getting the great memories from childhood I'm making new ones as I add to my collection. Finally, this community itself has played a role as well. In the past I've floated from collection to collection since the memories would only go so far. People here are passionate like many collectors but the vibe is almost always a positive one. Even when that sad day comes when I absolutley, positively can't fit another Mego on my display, I'll still be here for as long this group is around.

Jun 26, '07, 8:18 AM
What Hulk Said On First Page.

Lynn TXP 0369
Jun 26, '07, 8:25 AM
#1 reason, I like them.
They also bring me back to a time when they had real action figures, not these stautes they try to pass off as action figures now a days.
These were also a big part of my child hood growing up.

Buying, collecting, building models, and playing with toys also helps keep me young in the mind and body. I have ran across a bunch of my old teachers and they are sursprised at how young I look when compared to other past students they have seen. They say I have aged really well, better then most, and I have looked best of most they have seen. I have seen some of the people I graduated with latley, and I gotta agree.
I think playing with toys has helped me keep young.


Jun 26, '07, 8:38 AM
It impresses the ladies, what else?

Adam West
Jun 26, '07, 9:01 AM
Like everyone else said, it brings back a lot of good memories from childhood.

I really can't think of a better time to have grown up then the 1970's. The adults were fighting Vietnam, gas shortages, and a host of many issues that we worry about today as adults. But I don't remember anything about the war and actually thought it was fun sitting in long gas lines while my father complained about the long lines.

There were no distractions like video games and tv. We had tv but cartoons only came on right after school and Saturday mornings.

My parents were very generous to us despite their limited income. I don't have any memories of stepping inside a toy store...my mom was smart and never took me to one and I always remember picking my Christmas wish list from a Sears catalog.

I had probably 6 or 7 Megos. Batman and Robin, Superman, Capt. Kirk, Spock, a few planet of the apes but ironically no villains. So Adventure Joe would take on the Dynamic Duo or they would fight plastic army soldiers...whatever I could find. My best friend had every single figure made and toy set and I remember being very envious of his collection.

As I got older, my parents handed me a box full of toys I had as a kid and sure enough there were some of the Megos I had as well as some Joes. I knew I had to get them including the ones I didn't have. I really only wanted to collect WGSH figures and my quest began. Now, 5 or 6 years later, I'm only a handful away of having all of them including some variations. Since I am a box collector, I can only afford to purchase them little by little which makes the hobby even more fun since it has been a multi-year quest for me.

Jun 26, '07, 9:11 AM
Because I enjoy it. It brings me back to a simpler time, when my imagination was king, and the stresses of adult life didn't exist. Mego just personifies that better than any other toys from my childhood, and allows me to extend that into an adult hobby. The friendships and comraderie of similar minded people have made it into one of the more enjoyable hobbies I can imagine having.

Holy Crap--I think that is perfect. I just couldn't put it into words. I guess it should be good enough that I enjoy toys--why shouldn't I collect them? My wife disagrees. This whole thing started to formulate in my head when we had a conversation last night about what if her mom/dad come to visit (they live in separate states--we have been married for only a year now) if that happens, she thinks I should pack all my toys away because they will not understand--and think--well, whatever people automatically think about grown men who collect toys. So she asked me why I do it--and I couldn't think of anything to tell her other than just because I enjoy it. I mean, that should be good enough right? I'm a responsible grown man--it sorta ****es me off that I have to explain myself. I don't play with my toys. I enjoy the way they look. I guess I buy them for the same reason someone would buy a painting. They are aesthetically pleasing to me more than anything. Looking at a big shelf of toys is one of the things that makes me happy. But yet when people come over, I have to hide them I guess.

Jun 27, '07, 12:09 AM
Because I enjoy it. It brings me back to a simpler time, when my imagination was king, and the stresses of adult life didn't exist. Mego just personifies that better than any other toys from my childhood, and allows me to extend that into an adult hobby. The friendships and comraderie of similar minded people have made it into one of the more enjoyable hobbies I can imagine having.

Perfect, I can agree with that statement fully. :applause:

Jun 27, '07, 1:06 AM
This is hard to answer. Yes, what Hulk said is definitely a part of it. But there are many toys from my childhood that "bring back a simpler time". Why Mego more than others?


I did and still like AT GI Joe, first movie Star Wars, Shogun Warriors etc etc. but Mego always comes out on top for me.

I've had a lifelong fascination with Planet of the Apes so that is a crucial role. In fact an Ursus ape was my reintroduction to the world of Mego as an adult.

I think the 8" scale is a plus for me. Smaller than a Joe but bigger than a star wars figure. Just the perfect size.

They are really goofy and colorful. Goofy goes a long way with me as an adult collector. I dunno. It's really hard to answer.

Just a sort of intangible personal preference I suppose....

Jun 27, '07, 8:37 AM
It brings me joy!!!

Perhaps it's also a way to reconnect with the happy days of youth, who really knows ... I just love them (Captain Action & G.I. Joe too)!!!

Jun 27, '07, 12:11 PM
I like it.
It makes me feel good.
I can stop anytime I want to. :please_y:

Jun 27, '07, 1:17 PM
It impresses the ladies, what else?


Jun 27, '07, 5:39 PM
I can stop anytime I want to. :please_y:

Who are you kidding? ;) :grin:

Jun 28, '07, 12:00 AM
I'm just starting I have only one Mego right now. I don't know why I'm starting a collection. I didn't have them as a kid the first time I saw anything about them was in a toy magazine where they were used as a comic strip thing. I guess I just think they are cool looking

Jun 28, '07, 12:34 AM
Spiderman was always my favorite super hero, i remember watching the first spidey cartoon when i was a kid. The one where he would be swinging through N.Y. & swinging by the same buildings over & over. Not long after that i found mego figures in a grocery store we would shop at weekly. I didn't nearly get to collect them all,so now i a gonna try to get as many as i can. OH YEAH, & BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!:spidey:

Jun 28, '07, 12:59 AM
They were like the cool toy I could never find as a kid. I'd see pictures in the catalogs, but never found the figures in the stores. I did start to collect a bit in 1989 but it didn't take. The Toy Fare magazine made me want to at least get a Spiderman, but after getting to see and hold him it made me want to get all those figures I saw in the catalog when I was a kid. It's now such a rush each time I get a new mego in my collection.

Jun 28, '07, 8:42 AM
I collect Megos because I like them as rider figures for my model horses. I especially klike their faces wich have lots of "character" instead of the "light-moronic-permanent"- smile the Breyer figures have ...

Hello Lora it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?

And to answer this question I have moved to a new place, but I have still go to my parents to use the PC with Internet as I still have no DSL at home .It took alone three weeks to get telephone...
And don't worry I will post if I want to (if you don't kick me out for not-posting...) ...

Jun 28, '07, 10:10 AM
For me its mostly for recreation and relaxation.

Some guys - or ladies - will set up a battlefield in their basement. Recreate a battle from the Civil War or the Revolutionary War. Or, set up a train set that takes up the entire basement. I saw the Megos in the catalog, and neither my parents or I could affiord them until I was older, and they became a novelty or collector item. I had the Star Wars figures and sets. It was then that I got the idea to stage or display the figures. I had the cool diplay stand for the Star Wars figures. The carrying case that doubled as a stand. I still have that with all the figures from Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back crammed inside.

My wife is into crafts. Needlepoint, crochet.

There is just something unique about the look of a Mego Action Figure. The Star Wars figures don't have it. None of the figures since Mego have been able to capture the wonder and imagination.

My dad was frugal. My parents grew up in the depression. They couldn't see the whole toy thing. I had the Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin figure and wanted Oscar Goldman. How can you have one without the other? He tried to reason me out of it. Do you really want this - you don't really want this, do you? Is this the only thing you'll ever want?

To be able to turn off my brain after work? Sure.

Jun 28, '07, 4:18 PM
I always liked the idea of collecting ALL the WGSH , as I only had about
8 different characters as a kid

I feared what would happen once I had all 32 or so different characters---
fortunately the "customs" era really started booming around the time I
started panicking ;)

Now I'm slowly but surely bulding a definitive collection of Marvel and DC
superheroes in Mego style

I might've considered collecting DC Direct figs or Marvel Legends to satiate
the desire for a huge assortment of those characters, but with the Mego
customs I can pick and choose exactly which characters i want (and don't
want), plus I can pick whatever era costume I want for them between 1970
and 1983----and they blend in nicely with the Mego toys I had as a kid to boot :)

Jun 28, '07, 7:45 PM
WHY!? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE COOLEST EVER!!! I not only am reliving my childhood, but also able to get the ones I didn't have as a kid. If Mego didn't make them,.... then I will. ---B.

bonkers head
Jun 29, '07, 11:06 AM
When I was 8, I was told that I didn't really want Iron Man. I was willing to wait thirty years to get one, just to prove to my parents that I did indeed "really want Iron Man".

Didn`t quite wait as long but same idea ,parents could never understand love of collecting action figures then or now .:juggleyes_y:

Jun 30, '07, 4:44 PM
Megos kick *** !! The greatest superheroes and adventurers that bring so much pride and joy...like your kids.:sunny_y: