View Full Version : Galactus Leg needed

Nov 11, '08, 3:09 AM
Hi, i'm down to the final piece i need for Marvel legends BAF Galactus. i need the leg that comes with War Machine. i think it's the right leg but i'm not sure right now. please help.

Nov 11, '08, 12:45 PM
Wish I could help, I got a Mystique with the Lower sentinel torso, I can part with. I found in clearance at walmat.

Nov 13, '08, 2:28 AM
Walmart has a both versions (regular/clear) of Judge Death on clearance, if you need the monkey legs for $5.00

Mar 9, '09, 10:38 PM
man, i had a ton of these...i used to customize the legends stuff and bought this stuff by the case fulls....wish i had them still...im sure that you got it all ready...ok..so im not much help..lol