View Full Version : Temporarily disable bb tags

Jun 24, '07, 9:17 PM
To turn off bb tags within your post, surround them with tags. For example, http://picture.url will display as http://picture.url.

Jun 25, '07, 4:00 AM
I have no idea what you're talking about :huh: Could you please explain what you mean with this?

Jun 25, '07, 10:11 AM
OK, suppose you want to show someone how to post a picture. Using the normal "img" tags in your post makes the picture appear, so you usually put spaces in the tags and tell them to leave out the spaces.

Now, instead of posting [ img]pictureurl.jpg[ /img], you can now put "noparse" tags around the "img" tags to turn them off.

pictureurl.jpg shows the "img" tags without letting them function.

Jun 25, '07, 5:20 PM
Aha, now I get it, thanks for explaining Ant :grin:

Jun 25, '07, 6:56 PM
You learn something new everyday