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Jun 23, '07, 10:09 AM
Hello everyone,

I would just like to hear everyone else's thoughts on what the future of Mego is. In 50 years time will all original Mego products just be piles of grey rubber long since dead along with the Mego Museum and most of it's members? Are all Mego products all doomed to a life of being nothing but worthless and forgotten?

I would hate to think that my collection is doomed to be thrown in the trash.:cry:

anyone else's thoughts?

Jun 23, '07, 10:30 AM
When I'm gone I can care less what my daughter (who will inherit my collection) does with it. Hopefully I'm in a better place not thinking about dolls.

Jun 23, '07, 10:54 AM
Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.

Personally, I'm hoping to be made into potted meat that's sold in convenience stores.

The Sentry
Jun 23, '07, 12:55 PM

Me I think I'll give them to my great neice MyLee, she loves the Hulk at 15 months and gets all starry-eyed looking at the Megos on my shelf, so I think she's gunna be the one that gets my junk when I kick it. I just hope she loves them as much as I do.

Jun 23, '07, 1:40 PM
I'll ask my family to put them in the casket with me :grin: If I can't have them,then no one will :firedevil:

Jun 23, '07, 4:03 PM
Considering how many of these dolls survuved the last 30 + years I think it's going to be a bit longer the 50 years before they start falling apart.
I'm judging by the fact I have megos that look as fresh/clean as they day they were sold. The dolls in our collection will outlive us all. Ironic in a way since many us destroyed a few megos just through excessive play as children.
I haven't given much thought. Who knows the new people I may meet in the coming years. I may not have even met the person who I decided to leave my Megos too. All I really know is, I'm hopeful of leaving them to someone who will appreciate them.

Jun 23, '07, 5:10 PM
I dunno who'd get my stuff, but I just hope that long after we're gone, other folks like Doc Mego, Joe & Hulk won't let this line die! So that means all us MegoHeads have to share the joy w/ our kids now so they can pass it on to their children and their children's children.:biggrin:

Jun 23, '07, 5:20 PM
I think once our generation is gone Mego collecting is going to take a big tumble downward.

Most going prices will decrease by a substantial amount because the collector demand will decrease by a lot.

But, none of us is going to be around to see it :)

Jun 23, '07, 5:46 PM
Antiques Roadshow 2057 will likely have an expert appraiser with the last name of Heiler, McElveen, Adams, Crandall or Holcomb singing the praises of someone's collection, possibly owned by someone with one of those last names. :cool2:

Once the technology brings down the barriers to entry though, The Mego Museum will become a major action figure and e-commerce company, with thousands of figures available for manufacture and delivery within two weeks, three weeks if you want a specific person or non stock figure cretaed. Playsets and vehicles will also be available. :hokay:

Someday interviews with us may be greeted with the same enthusiasm as Kublan, Abrams or Sheller. :crazy:

Jun 23, '07, 8:34 PM
looking at the brighter side of things, maybe if Im still around in 50 years Mego will be cheap enough and I can finally buy a carded Iron Man :grin:

Jun 24, '07, 6:33 AM
In 50 years I will be 93. I plan to still be around doing customs and working in my yard. I'll let you know how things are going then.

Meantime, my projection is that the legacy of Mego will survive, if only because of Robot Chicken. Things will come back around, and the 8-inch format will become the standard (for a while)-- and I think we're on the verge of that right now.

The price of the Megos may dip at some point when we all begin passing away, but they will skyrocket back up because of the information society we live in. Nobody will forget their value. Collectors will always know about them and always want originals, if for no other reason than their relative value.


Jun 24, '07, 9:03 AM
In a few thousand years when the great apes become our overlords, I think Mego's POTA line might play a key role in THE CAVE during the coversation between Taylor and Zaius.


Zaius would counter back ---- WOULD A HUMAN MAKE AN APE DOLL WITH PANTS ?

Jun 24, '07, 11:03 AM
We better start putting sound chips in these figures so that scene plays differently.

Jun 24, '07, 11:10 AM
Considering how cheap most Mego action figures are, I can't see them 'tumbling' too far. How much lower can Buckwheat and Potsy go? How about Ponch and Jon? How about the Waltons? Even the Apes, Monsters, and Legends are pretty cheap. Most of the Treks are pretty cheap, too, and they're going to get cheaper. Come on, think about it.

Jun 24, '07, 12:53 PM
Hopefully the figures will be rare antiques and our families will be rich. Maybe then I'll finally get the respect I deserve! LOLOL!

Jun 24, '07, 12:55 PM
Batty, by that time don't you mean "the resthome you deserve"?

Jun 24, '07, 1:51 PM
My wife has already told me she will sell my "little men" the next day after my funeral. Isn't that nice to know she will be on e-bay the next day after my death. What she doesn't know I have willed it to my son who loves Mego's too!


Jun 24, '07, 4:25 PM
My Godson LOVES my mego superheros and I'll leave them to him, if when I'm old and ready to die he's still interested in them. The other's not sure what will happen to them. I'll take them with me.

I think Mego has something going for it, They were massed produced and every so often someone comes across one and wants to know more and then starts a collection but another thing is they did so many ICONIC figures like superman, batman, wonder woman, spiderman and others that people will search them out for them and some will want the others too.

I think megos will survive much like 200 year old dolls do today. people still collect them and they still have value today too.

Jun 24, '07, 4:55 PM
Megos have zero nostalgic value to me since I never had any as a kid. I saw my first Mego 3 years ago and immediately fell in love. I'm sure there are others like me and there will be others in the future too for whom it will be love at first sight. I wouldn't give up on Mego just yet ;)

mego boy CA
Jun 24, '07, 5:03 PM
Long Live Megos! :2thumbsup:

Jun 24, '07, 5:34 PM
I'll let you know in 50 years.