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Oct 20, '08, 10:25 AM

Rue Morgue has done a tribute to Forrest J Ackerman, due to legal issues stemming from Jim Warren allegedly, there are no FM covers featured.

While I think Rue Morgue is a great magazine, I don't regularly read it because of the subject matter (not a big gore guy). The issue is filled with tributes by John Landis, Joe Dante etc, it's a nice tribute if you grew up reading FM.

The only thing that turned me off a little was Ackerman's recount of the lawsuits seemed to be very misleading. The magazine might have edited it to read that way but it seemed to gloss over who sued who.

Oct 20, '08, 1:32 PM
I may have to check this out. I'm not much on gore movies myself.

I met Forry way back in 1978 and thought he was the nicest and coolest
old man I'd ever met. After my grandfather.

Oct 21, '08, 4:48 AM
I think we all owe Forry alot. But he's not the "be all", "end all" that he thinks he is.


Oct 25, '08, 9:23 PM
Like ya'll, I'm not a fan of the new wave of torture porn movies that pass as horror movies these days, so I had never purchased "Rue Morgue" before. I enjoyed the articles in this issue though about the glory days of Famous Monsters.

Forry said in one of the quotes that he wasn't a fan of this new wave either. Then the rest of this magazine was filled with articles and ads for one gory torture flic after another. The older I get, the less these slasher flics appeal to me. Makes me pine for the Ray Harryhausen days of innocence!

Oct 31, '08, 10:29 PM
I heard on the Universal Monster Army that FJA's health has taken a turn for the worst and he might not be around for much longer. I know he is 92, but still I dread the day he has to go.

Gorn Captain
Nov 1, '08, 2:32 PM
I grew up with FM, and I'll always have a warm place in my heart for FJA.
I'll miss him....

And nobody deserves all these legals hassles at that age....

Dec 12, '08, 8:24 PM
FM was one of my most cherished memories as a kid. RIP Forry!!