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Jun 19, '07, 3:07 PM
Plugging my own page sort of, I am a huge vintage toy collector and a Captain Action guy stumbled on mine and went nuts that I didnt advertise it much, so here goes:


Jun 19, '07, 3:29 PM

Jun 19, '07, 4:16 PM
really nice,i've seen that site before

Jun 19, '07, 7:23 PM
That's awesome! I like Captain Action, (but I do wish he weren't so UGLY!) I always thought the Cap was a cool figure in and of himself w/ Dr. Evil as an adversary. Still, he was the pre-cursor for the WGSH line, so that's cool.

(I do wish that site would get more links of my faves working!)

Jun 19, '07, 8:17 PM
I got my Superman CA back in March, I paid 35.00 all original with a 1966 CA, the only thing missing was his belt...but finally I found one on ebay, had to pay 20.00 for it including shipping. I can't believe the belt will cost me almost as much as the figure.... :juggleyes_y:

Jun 19, '07, 8:45 PM
Thanks for that! That is definitely the most complete and wonderful condition collection of CA I have ever seen...I really enjoyed looking and have added your site to my favourites.

Jun 19, '07, 9:56 PM
Thanks, yeah I love the Ideal line. They really look awesome on display. The Aquaman and Captain America sets seem to jazz me the most.