View Full Version : Why Does the Hulk Need a Helicopter?

Jun 15, '07, 9:30 AM
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Today's site update is the 1979 Empire Toys Catalog (http://www.plaidstallions.com/empire.index.html). Empire didn't make many trendsetting toys, mostly items to fit in with other companies existing lines and using a lot of licenses. Superman, Spider-man and the Incredible Hulk get a lot of face time here.
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Earth 2 Chris
Jun 15, '07, 10:04 AM
No Batman, huh? Empire made the ride-on Batmobile and Batcycle just a few years before, and of course their Mego-scaled Batcopter. Did they lose the Batman license by 79? Weird that they would still have the Superman license!

I had the Spider-Copter as a kid. Every time I see it, I want it back more, but man it would be a HUGE space eater.


Jun 15, '07, 10:39 AM
I guess if Hulk gets an Empire van then he needs a copter to go with it.:crazy:

Sweep Secondhand
Jun 15, '07, 12:46 PM
Empire did make a Bat Copter from this same mold (and a Spider Copter and a CHIPS Copter too!). The Bat Copter was probably the best looking of all of them. They also made a whole line of vans and jeeps for various characters. I always wondered why the Hulk needed a utility belt!

Jun 15, '07, 1:13 PM
and of course their Mego-scaled Batcopter.

Jun 15, '07, 1:50 PM
It's always amazing the stuff they think superheroes need. Like Superman needing a plane or The Flash needing a motorcycle.

Jun 15, '07, 8:32 PM
I had that Helicopter,.. I believe when I was 4to5.. or something. I loved it alot,.. big thanks for the memories again. :)

Jun 16, '07, 3:45 AM
Why does Hulk need a Helicopter? Chicks dig pilots.

Jun 17, '07, 5:33 PM
^^^ And besides that with helicopter, Hulk can see right down Wonder Woman's top!!!

Jun 17, '07, 11:36 PM
It's always amazing the stuff they think superheroes need. Like Superman needing a plane or The Flash needing a motorcycle.

I have a childhood memory either from the comics or cartoons that they explained the Supermobile (that spaceship with the fists) away as Superman's method of travel through space when he expects to encounter Kryptonite.


Wonder Woman and Shazam's car, I can't explain.

I really loved the appearance of the seventies Spider-Mobile in the comics, which basically showed what a dumb idea it was for Spiderman to have a car. I believe Spidey ended up driving it into the river after a high speed car chase or somthing.


The burning question in my mind is why Spider-man needs a firetruck.


Jun 18, '07, 12:48 AM
I pretty much figures that with the Supermobile. It's just I never could figure out why Mattel packed Superman with the Javelin-7. And I agree with what does Spidey need a firetruck. Then again,wasn't it Toy Biz that gave The Hulk a motorcycle as well? Although I guess toy companies seem to think every superhero needs a motorcylce.

The Sentry
Jun 18, '07, 1:17 AM
Or a race car, a scuba suit, bumper car, SPACE SUIT, or a baseball uniform?

Inquiring minds wanna know!:yeah: