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May 9, '07, 6:35 PM
http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/rom.jpg (http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/rom.jpg)

I think Rom might be the only action figure created by Parker Brothers (depends on what you think Nerf Man is). Released before it was legal for toys to have animated series, Rom had his own Marvel comic and what a comic! Much like the Mego Micronauts (http://www.megomuseum.com/micronauts/micronauts.html), the Marvel team would produce a book that would far outlast the toy itself.
I remember getting that first issue and being PUMPED to buy the ROM doll, of course, I never saw it at retail. Rom's creator has a website that gives some back story into the toy's creation, check it out here. (http://www.stonefoundationentertainment.com/rom.html)

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May 11, '07, 7:54 AM
ROM!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!

I always wanted one, but could never find him. The comic rocked!

Funny thing; even when I was a kid I found it odd that so many figures had good guys with weapons but no bad guys. (Or ONE bad guy.... how much would THAT suck...?)

Don C.

May 11, '07, 8:23 AM
He's hiding in the back left there...




May 16, '07, 6:31 PM
ROM is still cool. They stramlined the toy design a bit in the comics, minor changes. It still has elegance to it even tho ROM is not as detailed, or wild looking, as an Acroyear. I also have never seen any pics or designs surface of the Dire Wraith toys.

I wish we knew what the scoop was preventing ROM from coming back as a toy and comic. I'd love to see the Michael Golden version done as a Marvel legends figure.

Earth 2 Chris
May 17, '07, 7:43 AM
Just from the outside, it would appear that now would be the easiest time for Marvel to revive ROM. Hasbro is now the master Marvel licensor, and Hasbro owns ROM (having bought Kenner, which had bought Parker Brothers years ago), so....


May 17, '07, 7:46 AM
The creator's website teases that talks are being had to revive ROM. Oh please Marvel legends, please.....

May 18, '07, 11:16 AM
Never had the toy but loved the comic.

The two issues where Rom, the X-men and the brotherhood battled Hybrid, the half human/half Dire Wraith were awesome!

Also loved The Torpedo, shame they killed him.

May 18, '07, 11:29 AM

I really liked the Rom comic. I didin't care for Ditko's art during the big war for Earth (it looked really rushed and featureless) but when Rom met the other Knights I think he did a good job. He had the elegant simplicity the SpaceKnight designs needed.

I thought Marvel bought the rights to Rom from PB.... after the toy died.... because the comic was still doing well.

I never had one when I was a kid, but I feel the need for an 8" Mego custom....

Don C.