View Full Version : HHahahhoheathledgerheehahjokerhaha

Jul 20, '08, 7:07 PM
tha piture---

The Toyroom
Jul 20, '08, 7:10 PM
You need to upload the pictures from your PC...you can't link to your PC, it won't work.

Jul 20, '08, 7:19 PM
blast damn, it took me forever just to get the image on my computer... ill find a way

Jul 20, '08, 8:02 PM
Man, the dissapointment...... :grin:

Jul 20, '08, 8:23 PM
Go to Photobucket.com
Create a free account
upload the picture
put the link in your post
And it will magically appear

Jul 20, '08, 8:27 PM
thanks hotfoot ill do that tonite. in the mean time the joker is in my gallery!

Jul 20, '08, 8:30 PM
Looks good


Hint - Right click on the pictures and pick properties. Highlight and copy the address. Click on the little mountain in a post and copy address into the box (remove the extra http:// and there he is!

Jul 20, '08, 8:30 PM
photobucket..make sure that when you post fro mp/b..use the link that starts and ends with [img]....that's the one that you need...:animal-smiley-040: