View Full Version : Fin Fang Foom ! ***WANTED***

Jul 20, '08, 3:13 PM

anyone got any pieces they don't want any more ? Or only bought the figure,.. & didn't want the pieces... or bought the figure or figures looking to sell them ? lmk..... I'd like to build a Fin Fang Foom,.. & so far All I got is Wendingo. Big thanks - J

The Toyroom
Jul 20, '08, 5:57 PM
Good luck, J! Nothing on the shelves here this week. I'm thinking they might not even restock 'em.

Jul 20, '08, 6:11 PM
last resort..and this may suck...but you can always buy a case of the figs from like amazon or something...kinda pricey..but you could resell what you didnt want/need...when we would do the legends customs..we would buy cases of the figs to use and resell the other stuff...make back a little....or wait awhile when the FFF shows up on ebay...ok..so im no real help..sorry...:sarky:

Jan 4, '09, 9:53 PM
You Know I did end up getting all the Pieces for this... I also Saw a Target Variant Version too... It was the Grey Hulk,.. But he was Green & with the Purple Pants.

So.,, Anyone else Buy & Build this yet ?
Man, ooohhh Man is this Guy A BIG BAF !!!! :terror:
Talk About Actually getting your Money's worth , when you Buy a BAF... The Hulk's are pretty Big too,.. King Hulk is the Biggest.. Wendingo is real Nice, *& a very Well Sculpted figure. She-Hulk Rules too !!! & Yes,.. I did peak under her Skirt,.. a Much better figure imo, than the 1st Hasbro She-Hulk too. :wink: