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Jul 20, '08, 3:22 AM
Since the quality of their bodies seems to be open to debate (with most people saying they're junk), I am wondering what the opinions are regarding the clothing they make?

Since most posts I've seen discussing the clothes seem to indicate most people feel the clothes are the only redeeming quality if the figures, I'm just looking for opinions as to the sturdiness and overall quality of it?

In other words will it hold up, or are the threads gonna come loose as soon as it's places on the figure, etc.?

Just wanting to gauge things before I buy anything..

Jul 20, '08, 5:28 AM
The quality is fine on the figures, although some of their items like the Superhero suits left something to be desired in fit. I'd be happy to have their contact for outfits, there are a lot of things I think could have been made that they never got around to.

Jul 20, '08, 9:36 AM
Well, if you buy the Wicked Witch shoes, don't put them on the figure if it's wearing stockings. The shoes will split. Other than that, I can't really say.

Mego Milk
Jul 20, '08, 9:55 AM
their clothes ROCK.
their super hero capes are more like elevator music.

David Lee
Jul 20, '08, 10:02 AM
their clothes ROCK.
their super hero capes are more like elevator music.

Art and Paul are right on... some things are a little less than perfect, Super Hero Suits, capes (the cut not the material), some of the early monster suits are way too tight even for their bodies. But for the most part the clothes are very nice. They are well worth the price and bargains at that!


Jul 20, '08, 6:34 PM
The only problem I've encountered with the CTVT clothing is sometimes the proportions are a bit odd. In other words, the pants fit kinda tight, and the shirts are sometimes too bulky. If your using them on type one bodies, the pants thing isnt an issue...If your using Doc's bodies or type II's the pants are snug....embarassingly so.....almost old European geezer trying to pick up teenage girls tight. (no offense to our European members).

Jul 20, '08, 8:59 PM
My two cents: I've been happy with the clothing such as business suits, boots, etc. The fit of the jumpsuits can vary but you can't beat the cost. Also they're having some items listed pretty cheaply on ebay now.

Jul 21, '08, 3:21 PM
I got the CTVT Wild Bill figure and his tights were simply too small for his figure. When I switched him to a type one body, it only got worse. So NOW I need to find another set of tights for him. That's pretty bad.