View Full Version : Can someone help me out!!!!

Jul 18, '08, 10:01 AM
Hey Everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me out, I am looking for the unmasked batman from the dark knight movie masters line. If someone can help me out I would really appreciate it

Jul 18, '08, 12:09 PM
thats the variant figure
its even tougher than finding the movie masters heath ledger figure
good luck

Jul 18, '08, 2:50 PM
gonna need it, I got the heath ledger joker, I actually am getting another today from a friend and plan on opening it up, figured it does not hurt to try though

Jul 18, '08, 3:11 PM
i made the mistake of passing on a heath for $15 at a toy show figuring they would be everywhere.now i cant find one anywhere except ebay. should have picked it up at the show but was an idiot

Jul 18, '08, 4:07 PM
I know the original release was recalled but they have rereleased the line

Jul 18, '08, 4:27 PM
hopefully i'll find one sometime

Jul 18, '08, 4:29 PM
I know the original release was recalled but they have rereleased the line

are they identical?

Jul 18, '08, 4:37 PM
I'll keep my eyes peeled for you. We get tons of that stuff here and very few collectors.

Dec 19, '09, 2:53 AM
are they identical?

Im sure you know by now they are not.:muh:

Did they ever release the two face? I saw a 3 inch one in a set and I saw a picture of a prototype . . .

bizzaro megomauler
Jan 20, '10, 1:19 PM
Toyfare had them on the cheap by the case, you get i think 4 figs, but they were like $30 and you got the variant, now i can't find the site....typical.

Jan 22, '10, 4:21 PM
Did they ever release the two face?

Not yet, up to a few months ago the line went exclusive to Mattycollector.com but the response was so huge it is going to be at Toys R Us again in the fall, but they are also going to be on sale on Mattycollector first I think. Once every month or two just like the other lines.