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Jul 1, '08, 9:34 AM
This is my first complete custom. It's Bub from George A. Romero's Day of the Dead! I started by creating an original head sculpt using Super Sculpty. I never got around to casting the head... No funds at the moment (Thanks EMCE!:silly:) The body and outfit is from CTVT... I aged it slightly (the outfit not the body!) the restraint collar is made from thin leather with a metal chain attached. The shirt is a sleeveless number that I put together out frustration because I could not find one in the proper scale. I have a backer card created however I have not printed it out yet. As this is my first custom figure any advise or criticism is welcome!

Jul 1, '08, 10:01 AM
Cool. Is that a chachi outfit?..... Chain is nice touch.....

Bizarro Amy
Jul 1, '08, 10:12 AM
Zombies are a good start for your customizing habit. Welcome to the fold!

Jul 1, '08, 10:14 AM
yep... I dyed it a few shades darker with ink and water... however it photographs much lighter. I will age it a bit more later.

Jul 1, '08, 10:35 AM
Dude, that head is awesome, you nailed him :hokay: :applause:

Jul 1, '08, 11:01 AM
Thanks Meule, it's actually the 2nd one I sculpted... the other one was a tad too big! oh well, it was a learning experience :smiley1:

Jul 1, '08, 5:55 PM
Nice work, and a great sculpt.

Jul 1, '08, 6:36 PM
Nice job - especially with the head sculpt! That's a great way to start your customizing career...

Jul 1, '08, 9:00 PM
That is incredible work, the likeness is 'dead' on!

Jul 1, '08, 11:54 PM
awesome! I love it :grin:

Jul 2, '08, 1:20 AM
great job, i love that outfit and sculpt!!

Jul 2, '08, 5:26 AM
That's awesome!!!
Bub lives...er I mean Bubs dead...Wait...Bubs is living dead.Yay that's it.

Only suggestion I have is he needs a pistol.

Jul 2, '08, 6:31 AM
Wow, your first sculpt you say?! Keep em coming I say!

Jul 2, '08, 8:13 AM
You did not even have tell us his name the sculpt is excellent. You need to give a razor blade and tape recorder as accessories. How much work went into that?

Jul 2, '08, 8:46 AM
Man, he looks terrible,:costumed-smiley-076 in an excellent undead zombie way. Seriously Awesome sculpt. Nice and original especially for a first custom. Very Slick.

Just an FYI, Laurie (Polyester) is our resident monster/zombie customs professional so if you need a source for heads, clothes, parts, advice, or general ideas keep her in mind.

Jul 2, '08, 9:58 AM
I actually sculpted Bub two times... the first one was too big (anybody got a 10" scale body out there?) I started out by studying the movie an pics. I then searched for the clothing and accessories and determined what I would have to make from scratch (collar, chain and plaid shirt.) Luckily CTVT's Chachi fit the bill for the jacket and pants he also came with sneakers that I plan on using on my next custom.:grin: after some modifications to the Chachi outfit it was just a mater of assembly of parts. all total it took 3+/- days. I have a backer card designed but can't find a clam sell case to save my life! Thanks for all the kind words! You guys are great!!