View Full Version : Thanks to all at Mego Meet

Jun 21, '08, 12:13 AM
Hi everyone...this is Thom and Kerry
We really wanted to thank everyone for making our first Mego Meet a great experience.

A special thanks to Paul "Hulk" for inviting us to the Suite and to everyone for being so supportive and enthusiastic about my customs. I hope to be getting my pics up soon.

Can anyone tell me how I can get a custom gallery on the museum?

Thanks Again

Thom and Ms. Mego Suite 2008

Dave Mc
Jun 21, '08, 7:00 AM
Hi Thom,

Glad you had a good time at the Meet. Hope you make it again next year.

I'm sending a PM about the gallery.

Jun 21, '08, 7:44 AM
I hope to be getting my pics up soon.

Already posted some...:biggrin:

Start Here: http://picasaweb.google.com/txligo13/MegoMeet2008/photo#5210066305842391666

Jun 21, '08, 7:08 PM
Welcome Thom! Glad you found your way to the forums. We were hoping you'd show up. Say hi to Kerry for us. Looking forward to seeing more of your customs.

Jun 21, '08, 7:18 PM
Hey Thom...

sent you an email from your business card about what we discussed (custom making...iron man...for me :smiley1:)

I'm going to send you a PM about it as well...

Great to see you finally joined...looking forward to seeing more of your custom work.


Random Axe
Jun 21, '08, 9:26 PM
Bout time dude and dudette!

Welcome aboard. You've lurked long enough, now you must enter the madness...

Can't wait to see some more of your gallery and customs. Opening that little bag of customs you brought was a highlight of the weekend and a great surprise. I see you two being big-time contributors here.


Jun 23, '08, 1:08 AM
Hey Thom, welcome aboard.
Thomas :grin:

Jun 23, '08, 7:10 AM

Your customs are SWEET! Thanks for getting by the Suite and the Meet!


Jun 23, '08, 9:06 AM
Glad you both had a good time. Hope to see you next year.

Jun 23, '08, 10:47 AM
Wondered when you were gonna sign in finally. Gotta love those customs. Hellboy was simply awesome. Welcome aboard.

Jun 23, '08, 12:21 PM
Glad you finally signed on!
Thanks agian for sharing your great figures with us in the Mego suite!
Thom's Mark I - IRON MAN is stellar!

David Lee
Jun 23, '08, 1:35 PM
Glad you made it over Tom! Your customs were crazy good... can't wait to see more!


Jun 23, '08, 1:38 PM

I agree that Hellboy is awesome. i like Bizarro second best.