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Random Axe
Jun 20, '08, 12:15 AM
I know this guy has been done before by customizers way better than me, but here he is. I can only take credit for the head, which was painted this evening in an acrylic frenzy. The rest is by Brian aka B-Lite. His suit is just stellar. I love how this came out. I usually dislike my work, but the tag team combo of myself and Brian made a pretty decent looking figure.




Mego Milk
Jun 20, '08, 12:48 AM
Excellent Hal!

Jun 20, '08, 12:50 AM
Rise Green Lantern of Sector 2814 ! :grin:
Looks Great Scott. Best Character Ever,.. next to Batman ofcourse.

Jun 20, '08, 2:04 AM
very nice needs a lantern:smile:

Jun 20, '08, 3:18 AM
Nice work, and Mr. B sure does some nice suits.

Jun 20, '08, 4:28 AM
Ummm...that is....AWESOME

That's like the best WWMD Hal GL I've seen in a LONG time
----Bri's suit is awesome---but your head just rocks---
I prefer it to what you usually see.

The Toyroom
Jun 20, '08, 5:47 AM
Great Guardians! Good job!

The Bat
Jun 20, '08, 5:53 AM
He looks GREAT! But I would I would have made the Eyes solid white...I guess it's a Personal preference thing.:grin:

Jun 20, '08, 5:53 AM
I swear the look on his face is saying, "Just try to mess with me."

Great job

Brown Bear
Jun 20, '08, 6:10 AM
Nicely done.

Jun 20, '08, 6:34 AM
He's very nice.

Jun 20, '08, 10:08 AM
Nice job on the head paints Scott...and a nice addition to your ever-growing collection.

Jun 20, '08, 10:12 AM
Looks great, what's the origin of the head sculpt?

Random Axe
Jun 20, '08, 10:38 AM
THe Origin of the Headsculpt

Sounds like a cool title for a book. However, the sad origin tale of this head begins and ends in Doc Mego's bucket of heads for five dollars at the Meet. He was just a litle lonely Hal Jordan head floating around in a sea of Sulus, MUgatos and other misbegotten resin heads. He finally was freed of his rubbermate prison when my grubby hands discovered him lurking just below a Kingpin head. His debt to resin head society was paid by me and now he rests comfortably and proudly on my figure and draws looks of envy from my other customs.

Only Doc Mego knows for sure, but I think it was lifted and enlarged from a previous four inch DC line.


Jun 20, '08, 10:40 AM
Now THAT"S an origin story.

Jun 20, '08, 10:41 AM
he looks freakin' awesome :grin::grin:

Jun 20, '08, 12:59 PM
Very nice work!

Jun 20, '08, 1:44 PM
Very nice. I love the look on his face.

Jun 20, '08, 1:58 PM
Yes indeed. Love his work! Own a couple of these suits.

I own a couple of those heads. One went underneath the hood of my Spectre figure.

The Bat
Jun 20, '08, 4:00 PM
Only Doc Mego knows for sure, but I think it was lifted and enlarged from a previous four inch DC line.


I've had that GL Head before...I'm pretty sure it's one of the Charlie Flatt Head's, that Doc Cast.:yes:

Jun 20, '08, 4:02 PM
Handsome fellow! I tell ya...you need to come over and paint my apes for me...

Action Martin
Jun 21, '08, 6:58 AM
Looks good! Brian is hooking me up with the suit and head but his GL head is different that your's.

Jun 21, '08, 8:06 AM

Jun 21, '08, 9:36 AM
That is a beauty. It's the paint that keeps drawing attention to head. Great job

Action Martin
Jun 21, '08, 9:43 AM
With the exception of the missing sideburns, it has that "Challenge of the Superfriends" look.

Jun 21, '08, 2:17 PM
Great looking Hal. And the paint job on the head is really AWESOME, very life like.

brent 1701
Jan 17, '09, 2:09 AM
superman gots nothing on GL