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Jun 15, '08, 4:30 PM
this year me and ric drove down. it was a last minute decision. we also set up a table. we were lucky we were next to doc mego and art balazar's table. art's customs are amazing. the dealers room was great from scott a's dinah campers and numbrous boxes, to flynne's restoration and joe d's dvd and mego selcetions. berto as usual had an amazing selection. chuck also had a nice selection . the type 3 figures are better in person. brian leitner's custom are amazing. i also ahd the pleasure of seeing dl and jasons castaway toys phantom and captain actions in person. you will not believe these when they arrive. palitoy brought a bunch of cards and scotts dida's are unbelievable.austin had some nice suits also. megosteve was a great guy (he gave me a lot of his cash so he was my favorite :smiley1: ) megogeek had a nice selction as well. megospidey doc mego and johhny mic were great as well. i know there were tons of other members who if i forgot to mention your name im sorry. the mightor figure is really nice. met chris' wife whom a long time ago got some of my wizard of oz figures. was great meeting txteach john derek's custom captain america and batman were amazing he also had a nice case for each of them. this year me and ric actually stopped by the megosuite for a short time. would recommend this for anyone. saw brue again also merlyn1976. everybody i met there was great. i was happy and amazed at how much everyone liked the mm keychains. my favorite pickup was a repro supergirl for my niece a doc head bl suit and doc gave me some boots for free. the only regrets i have are three
1 not getting a dida , the only reason i didnt was didnt know where it could go in my house.
2 not going back to mm suite on saturday night
3 not buying the art balazar teen titan comics. it was the best weekend i had this year so far . what a grat time if anybody can maek it its worth the trip. thanks again to everybody who made this event from dave mc to chris dvm and teh kruger street museum. mike

Jun 15, '08, 5:19 PM
Always a pleasure to see you and ric. :smile:

Jun 15, '08, 5:34 PM
Thanks megocrazy for the free case. That was really nice of you. I've always wanted the mego case but never got around to buying one.

Jun 15, '08, 6:51 PM
Mike and Ric...you guys are a blast! I had a great time hanging out at your table and chewing the fat.

Ric, loved talking to you about the Super Queens and female Mego characters. Would love to get up that way and see your collection first hand...probably will never happen, but you never know.

Mike - Thanks for the deals. You are a great guy with a super personality...felt like I knew you both for years.

Look forward to next year!

Dave Mc
Jun 15, '08, 8:02 PM
Glad you made the trip again Mike. And once again, thanks for the keychains!

Jun 16, '08, 6:46 AM
I wasn't there, so maybe you're thinking of Steve Moore. :)

Jun 16, '08, 11:31 AM
Yep Thats Him Sorry Wrong Steve. Steve Moore Is My Favorite . Sorry Steve

EMCE Hammer
Jun 16, '08, 12:06 PM
You'd like Megosteve too:-) Thanks for the great deals Mike. I should have just given you all of my money and bought what was left on your table. My son and I are having a blast putting together figures from the parts I bought from you and bluemeanie. He loves the movie Batman figure too.

The other Steve

Jun 16, '08, 1:16 PM
^^^ Is that like the other white meat?? :smiley1:

EMCE Hammer
Jun 16, '08, 1:33 PM
OINK!!!!! !

Jun 19, '08, 3:59 AM
As you can tell from my title, I'm the other white meat. That makes Steve the other other white meat.


Oh and THANKS BATMANMC FOR MY KEYCHAIN! It RoCkS! And THANKS FOR THE MEGOMEET PROGRAM! And THANKS FOR THE CARDS! A million thanks for your generous gift! I really really appreciate it. You don't know just how much I appreciate it. I'm naming one of my Megos after you. From now on, my Mego Batman is named batmanmc.


Jun 19, '08, 11:08 AM