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Jun 12, '08, 12:03 PM
Well, another year has come and gone, and even though it was exhausting (as usual) it still feels like it was over too quickly. I'm just now getting my bearings after recovering from the weekend, and from being out of the office for a week. So, if you will indulge me, I have some people I would like to thank for making this one weekend out of my year some of the some of the most fantastic times I have ever had.

My thanks for this year go out to:

Anthony Durso - in case you missed it in the Program, Anthony took care of the printing and the expenses for the MegoMeet Program this year. If you enjoyed taking this home as a momento of the weekend, you owe a big debt of thanks to Anthony for stepping up and helping out.

Dave Mc - for being the engine that drives MegoMeet, for making the weekend so much fun for everyone who attends, and for being an all qround swell dude. You rock, Dave!

Roberto and Tom Ligotti - my brothers from another mother. You are both like the brothers I've never had, and you always make me feel like family when we hang out. Berto - thanks for the great deal on the parts. Tom - shutterbug extraordinaire - thanks for the seemingly neverending work you do as MegoMeet's photographer of legacy. Thanks to you both for being the super cool guys that you are.

Paul Clarke - thanks for yet another round of fascinating converstation, for letting me hold the Kahn prototype in my grubby little hands (and squish the rotocast head. It's REAL, baby!), and most importantly not resting until new Mego figures hit the market. A lot of hard work and financial investment that you have made in making these figures a reality too often goes by the boards (no pun intended), and a round of real "thanks!" are in order. You are simply awesome, sir!

Paul Clare - The Hostest with the Mostest. Your generousity once again allowed us to hang until the wee hours of the morning, as well as let new MegoMeeters and potentially two new members (Tom and Carrie, are you reading this?:)) to hang with the Meet old timers and have a blast. Thanks for just being so darn cool all of the time.

Art Balthazar - awww, yeah, man! The coolest daddio at the Meet! Hey! How ya doin', Sir?! Thanks again for the awesome sketch and for the autographed copy of Tiny Titans #1 (which is also quite awesome). Not only did my wife love the sketch, but it now proudly hangs in my office. Also, you can seriously lose some hours listening to Art talk about... well just about anything.

Chris Johnson - Thanks again for letting me help out in a small way with the custom figures, and for being such a cool person.

Chuck Gregory - Thanks for pahking ya cahr so close to the bahr. ;) It was a genuine pleasure to hang out with you once again. Man, I wished you lived closer to me. :) BoSox Rox!

Scott Adams - Your crafting of the Dida Displays are a work of both pure genius and pure love. Just seeing that Hall of Justice display made me feel like an eight year old again. Thanks for being (literally) just too cool for school - my seven year old nephew got in trouble at school showing your Dida website to the other kids instead of doing his addition and subtraction classwork.

Brian Heiler - World's Greatest Canadian and Champale Unenthusiast - Thanks to you for all the work you do at the Museum (and Plaid Stallions!), and to make the Meet a reality.

Mike and Ric Conlan - thanks for the great deals, and for the sweet MegoMeet keychain. It is now the go to chain for my ride. :)

Ron Peritorre - one of the great surprises of the Meet is to arrive and find you already there. Your simple presence makes the Meet that much cooler for me, so thanks once again for being there.

The Arendsen Boys (all three of you ;)), James Dolph, Scott Moore, Charlie Balicki, Kolin Erb, Jon Adanoski, Jon Michaels, Derek Combs, Jim Hampton, Sean Griffin, Joe DeRouen, Ray Miller, and everyone else who I met and hung out with at the Meet - I wish you all lived closer to me so we could hang like this all the time.

I hope to see all of you again next year. Until then...

Jun 12, '08, 12:33 PM
You are a gentleman AND a scholar, Flynne, it's always a pleasure to see you. And that story about your nephew made my day! Wow.

Jun 12, '08, 12:43 PM
Derek, always good to see you my friend. I really appreciate you cleaning my dirty wonder woman. She is my pride and joy now.

Jun 12, '08, 1:34 PM
Enjoyed meeting you Derek. Didn't get to spend much time with you...you were one of the busiest guys at the meet! Every time I looked over at your table, you were off helping someone.

Looking forward to next year! (BTW - I still think you have the coolest name on the boards)


Jun 12, '08, 1:45 PM
A pleasure as always my friend. I look forward to next year already. And I think I'll bring some items that need some TLC as well.

Jun 12, '08, 1:49 PM
It just isn't MegoMeet without seeing Derek cleaning up people's figures at MegoMeet or hanging out in the MegoSuite. You are a friend to all in the community. and I'm honored to count you as one of mine.

Jun 12, '08, 2:44 PM
It was great to finally meet you in person Derek. I can't thank you enough for all the cleanings, trimmings, and general fixups that you did on several of my figures over the weekend. This weekend I plan on putting to use some of the restoration and cleaning tips that you showed me.

Dave Mc
Jun 12, '08, 2:58 PM
The Mego Magician! First they look old and crappy, then Derek snaps on his laytex glove and like magic, they look brand new.

Megomeet wouldn't be the same without you Derek. Thanks for taking the time to design the programs once again this year. They came out great.

Jun 12, '08, 6:00 PM
It's always a pleasure buddy! As I've always said it's the people that make the meet. You are definately one of the reasons it's so enjoyable.