View Full Version : The Amazing Art Balthazar at Mego Meet!

Jun 10, '08, 8:38 AM
At the Meet this year, Comic Book Artist Art Balthazar showed up and wowed us yet again with his excellent customs, entertained us with his stories about breaking onto the comic book field and started drawing people who attend the show.

The drawing he did of me below is better understood when you go to the show because you can find me sleeping virtually anywhere. I'm not 20 years old anymore and the long trip in hot weather combined with the long nights hanging and talking at the Megosuite and the inevitable crash after drinking lots of sugar-filled soda-pop-well something's got to give. I hope everyone else posts their art too. Thanks Again Art!


Jun 10, '08, 8:51 AM
This is something I regret not doing. When I went over to Art's table there was a line and I never got a chance to go back. Next year for sure I'm getting one of me and my boys.

Jun 10, '08, 9:00 AM
That picture of John is just about the funniest thing I saw at the Meet, I've framed this little portrait of my kids.


Jun 10, '08, 10:37 AM
Art is great, huh? You didn't have to drive from Chicago to Wheeling and back with him!

Just kidding.

If you look up the definition of "salt of the earth" in the dictionary, there is a picture of Art.

Art, thanks for the autographed books for my boys. Kyle has already read through Patrick the Wolf Boy. :)


Jun 10, '08, 11:00 AM
To say Art fit in well with the group would be an understatement. You have to realize he was doing some of these pics on a pad as he stood there and talked to others. When he drew John people were passing in front of him and it didn't phase him a bit. To see someone do something so well with so little effort was amazing. He draws like others breath air, like it's just a natural ability.

Jun 10, '08, 11:03 AM
Possibly the best storyteller I've ever met, too. He's going to be a favorite panelist at many Comic-Cons for years to come.

Jun 10, '08, 11:13 AM
Neat-O! I gotta go get me some Tiny Titans books, STAT!

Mr Havoc
Jun 10, '08, 11:14 AM
Yes Sir LOL

Jun 10, '08, 11:34 AM
lol! that top one is funny as hell :smiley1:

Mego Milk
Jun 10, '08, 12:26 PM
Mego Dudes!
Thanks for the love and kindness, sirs! It was awesome hangin' with y'all.
Mego Meet is the only place on the planet...where people "Get It".
Thanks for making a professional comic nerd feel like a rockstar!

I had lots and lots of fun and a real real real great time!

Can't wait til next time!

I know...
Mego Meet next week at my house!
Prepare to rock the midwest!
Bring your customs and Hula skirts!

right on,

Jun 10, '08, 12:45 PM
Yep, I left the Tiny Titans books on the coffee table and went swimming. When I came home Lily (age 4) was immersed in them on the couch. You wrote Hi Lily on one, so she told me to say Hi to you.

Jun 10, '08, 1:04 PM
Art is at his finest in the video I shot:

He's featured prominently at the end of Part 1 (http://youtube.com/watch?v=ayGQ5lO8YsU) and at the beginning of Part 2 (http://youtube.com/watch?v=ayGQ5lO8YsU)

BTW, my whole family LOVES the Tiny Titans!


Jun 10, '08, 1:32 PM
Awww Yeah! Art, you rock, sir!

Still waiting for Frogina the Comic Book.

Jun 10, '08, 8:42 PM
I linked to garagesale's YouTube raw footage part 2 on my MySpace page -
MySpace.com - Paul - 44 - Male - OLD BETHPAGE, New York - www.myspace.com/drmego

Thanks for making that mini-documentary James - it is great to be able to
show people what the 'meet is like. However, we do need to dress better
for these soirees if they are being recorded - and have more women there!

Jun 11, '08, 12:56 AM
Art's a great guy. Last year was my first MegoMeet and Art was pretty much the first person I saw when I came in. He made me feel very comfortable right away.