View Full Version : MegoMeet 2008 Exclusive Figure Wrap Up

Chris DVM
Jun 10, '08, 8:18 AM
A big thanks needs to go out to so many people that helped me, once again, make this years Exclusive Figure a reality:
1) First, the biggest props to Mego73. Every year his boxes are absolute works of art, and this year was no exception. He somehow manages to deal with my procrastination and produce amazing stuff, and this year was no different. The figure might be cool, but the box makes this figure just sing!
2) Dr. Mego - as always, the best place to get parts. Not only does he produce quality items, he is gracious and funny to deal with and talk to. He not only supplied the bodies, but took my modified Little John boot and MADE the 8" Mightor boot. Amazing and cool, a great combo.
3) Palitoy and Dave Mc - as always, a great source of information and opinion. I routinely bounced ideas off of them for the figure, and I am sure it would not have been anywhere as good if not for their input and help
4) Austin Hough - THE MAN when it comes to heads. Nothing more than amazing when it comes to his abilities and perfection orientated product. Plus, one of the nicest guys you will ever deal with.
5) Blue Meanie - without him, we would not have had a head to get a shrink for. The parts man to be sure, but a great guy to boot.
6) Hulk and Joe Derouen - although they did not help with parts for this figure, they have been an invaluable source in the past. I will definitely turn to them in the future whenever I need parts or supplies.
7) The Friday Night Assembly Line Group - as last year, Tom, Chuck, Scott and Derek helped put the figure together. I would still be pulling my hair out (what little there is) if not for this great group. Make a date, I will need you next year as well!
And finally, to all that bought the figure, I hope you like it and display it proudly. This is a bit of an ego boost for me, knowing that many of the top mego collectors and customizers in the country actually PAID ME for MY figure. I hope I have been able to live up to your standards and expectations.
For those who contacted me about getting one after the meet - there was one figure left. I have contacted the first person on the list to see if he wants it. I will go down the list if he does not. I will let you know when it is gone.
Thanks again,
Chris DVM

P.S. Construction of the 2009 MegoMeet Figure has begun. Let the games begin!!

Jun 10, '08, 10:33 AM
Thank YOU Chris for another GREAT Mego Meet exclusive figure. It is always an honor to work with you.

I have already started on next year's head!


Jun 10, '08, 11:32 AM
Always a pleasure to help out. Can't wait for next year's figure. It will again be a must have.

Jun 10, '08, 11:35 AM
fantastic figure Chris..and a real pleasure getting to meet you.

Jun 10, '08, 2:10 PM
Great idea for a fringe figure and in 8" scale even cooler.
thanks for the opportunity to get one Chris and great work by all who helped out

Jun 10, '08, 2:25 PM
Glad it all worked out. It makes the few bleary eyed nights and redoing boxes that got spoiled worth it :)

Jun 11, '08, 1:00 AM
I was really excited to get this figre and it didn't disappoint. Thanks, Chris.