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Jun 9, '08, 7:56 PM
Thanks to

Roberto for the great deals and the Fisher Price toys for my kids
Paul for the Mego Suite.
Tom for stocking the Mego Suite and for being our photographer
Charlie for sharing his table with me.
Joe for the awesome DVDs.
Art for the wonderful sketch and the terrific stories.
Ray Miller for the cool info.
Everyone who attended my seminar and didn't throw rotten fruit.
Merlyn for the dollah store monsters
John Farley for the monster movies
Chris Johnson for the tireless effort on the Mightor
Dave McCormick for making it all happen and doing it well.
Doc Mego for all his great support.
Gary and Eric for the Champale.
Scott for all the 1978 work.
John Michaels for organizing my cards.
everyone who bought a Fighting Yank from me, I took none home, hooray!
to the ghost who flushed my hotel room toilet every five minutes.

Every last person there for being such damn good eggs and for making this another positive, batterie recharging event. Now if you don't mind I have some back sleep to get too....

Jun 9, '08, 9:29 PM
Great seminar Brian. Learned a whole lot...now if I can just keep the myths straight.

Earth 2 Chris
Jun 9, '08, 10:39 PM
The seminar was a highlight for me as well. I got a personal chuckle out of you mentioning Greenberg's Guide to Super Hero Toys as "the worst offender of all". It indeed is. I know we've talked about how horribly inaccurate and misleading that book is before, so it was fun to see you share it with the group.

Great stuff!


Jun 10, '08, 12:43 AM
Great seminar Brian! You always bring new and interesting information to the table.

Jun 10, '08, 4:18 AM
Thanks to...
John Michals for organizing my cards.

Awwwwrrrrrrr, I didn't think you noticed!

Jun 10, '08, 10:47 AM
The Stallions cards were a blast! Too fun!